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How to renew my Certified ScrumMaster(CSM) Certification?

Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) Certification has a two-year renewal cycle. There are two ways of renewing your CSM:

  1. Doing another program from Scrum Alliance, like CSPO or A-CSM. Since it’s been two years since you did CSM, consider doing another education program. Adding CSM or A-CSM to your profile will renew your existing CSM.
  2. Reporting 20 Scrum Education Units (SEUs) and paying a 100 USD renewal fee. Scrum Education Units (SEUs) can be claimed for various types of learning activities like Reading a Book, Attending an educational event or Watching a video on agile/scrum topics; you need to do a self-declaration of your Learning. 1 Hour invested in Learning is 1 SEU. Once you are done with recording 20 hours of a learning experience (SEUs), you can pay 100 USD and renew your CSM.

This Blog can help you identify many options for earning SEUs.

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