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  • 100% success Rate
  • Trained by approved Certified Scrum Trainers(CSTs)
  • Certified from the globally acclaimed Scrum Alliance
  • Online program on Agile, Scrum and Kanban worth 200$

Our CSPO Certification Workshop in Hyderabad is designed to prepare you for the most critical scrum role. The role of a product owner is a make or break for the success of your scrum team.

The two days training is led by an expert CST who has deep understanding of scrum principles and values and would walk you through the tough journey which you are going to experience during your role as a scrum product owner.

Why Scrum Product Owner?

Certified Scrum Product Owner® has a crucial role in scrum teams. They work closely with various stakeholders including Scrum Master, customers and end users of the product. CSPO Certification validates your knowledge and understanding of Scrum framework and your role as a product owner.

“Software Development is full of unknowns;” ― Roman Pichler

As a product owner you are responsible for creating value in every sprint; you own thecustomer interaction, feedback, product prioritization, sprint backlogs and definition of done.

You will be working closely with the scrum team to deliver the prioritized items in every sprint.

Critical Skills to succeed as Scrum Product owner –

  1. Clear communication skills and transparency.
  2. Ability to take hard decision and implement them.
  3. An Ability to Say No to key stakeholders.
  4. Stick to deadline and agreed value items.
  5. Prioritization, estimation, facilitation and collaboration skills.
  6. Conflict resolution, Subject matter expertise, vision for the product.

Role of product owner in scrum team-

  • Is responsible for creating value at the end of every sprint.
  • Owns and prioritize the product backlog.
  • Communicates priorities to the team.
  • Collaboration and feedback from customers, other stakeholders, scrum team.
  • Participate in sprint, backlog meetings, ceremonies with scrum master.
  • Assist scrum master in ensuring scrum values and principles.
  • Ensures stakeholder satisfaction.
  • Creates and validates definition of done.
  • Get timely feedback from end users.

Why CSPO Certification?

Product owner is a critical role in Scrum teams. Our certified scrum product owner training in Hyderabad Covers CSPO learning objectives 2017 as defined by Scrum Alliance.A specialized product owner adds values to scrum team, stakeholders, product and scrum as a whole.

The CSPO certification validates your understanding of the scrum fundamentals and prepares you to perform the role of product owner. 65% of Complex products are built using Scrum, product owner are in growing demand in IT Enterprises. A specialized product owner adds values to scrum team, stakeholders, product and scrum as a whole.

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Benefits of a Certified Scrum Product Owner certification:

  • Learn the scrum fundamentals and the scope of product owner’s role.
  • Demonstrate your understanding of scrum philosophy and Agile Mindset.
  • Adopt Agile practices which opens new career opportunities.
  • Engage with scrum experts from around the globe.
  • Continuous learning and improvement as professionals.
  • Product owner is a critical role in Scrum teams.
  • Understand the core Scrum as defined in Scrum Guide.

What you will learn in our CSPO Class in Hyderabad?

“Great product owners are visionary, they take hard decisions in favour of product and own their mistakes. They understand and live by scrum values and principles.”

Our two-day Certified Scrum Product Owner training classes are delivered by Scrum Alliance Certified Trainers (CSTs) and combine classroom study, group discussions, and hands-on practice exercises.

The program will provide you with a deep understanding of Scrum from the perspective of a Product Owner, enabling you to be an effective customer to the Scrum team and at the same time maximizing ROI. You will live your role as scrum product owner for two days and experience all the challenges that are likely in future. In this comprehensive CSPO workshop led by CST you will –

  • Become a great product owner – Learn the fundamentals of role and strategies to be effective at it.
  • Understand user stories, product backlog, definition of done and scrum ceremonies.
  • Learn to communicate with customer, stakeholders, end users and scrum team.
  • Improve ROI of every sprint and overall value of the product delivered.
  • Be part of most active scrum community which offers continuous learning.
  • 2 years membership of Scrum Alliance.
  • Free Renewal Support for CSPO certificate (We help you earn required SEUs for renewal, that also free of cost).
  • Get Hard copy of product owner reference material, comprehensive online program on Scrum Agile and Kanban (Comes complimentary with this course).

Our product owner workshop is based on the CSPO learning objectives defined by Scrum Alliance in 2017. For more details, please download the course content NOW

Where Do You Conduct CSPO Certification in Hyderabad?

We Conduct CSPO and CSM workshop in HOTEL IBIS, HITEC CITY, HYDERABADmostly. The venue is decided based on the availability of hotel and batch size.

Who should do CSPO Certification?

CSPO Certification is recommended for Product owners, product managers, scrum team members, Scrum masters, Project Managers and people who are playing the role of stakeholder in Scrum team.

If you want to develop great products and see yourself growing as a product owner, CSPO certification is must for you. Its recommended for you if you are

  • Member of a scrum team and want to specialize as a product owner.
  • Existing product owner want to hone your skills and understand scrum framework
  • Create immense value for the customers and other stakeholders
  • A product owner or business Analyst working with waterfall and other traditional software development frameworks.

Why is CSPO Certification so popular?

Great product owners are the true leaders who bring new product innovation, maximize value for the end user and build a seamless experience for various stakeholders. They are much in demand and often have a challenging yet fulfilling career.

“The difference between a great product and a mediocre product is dedication of a product owner.”

Enterprises are adopting scrum and agile at scale. 2000+ companies are looking for product owners. You will earn 25-30% more than your peers while having a challenging career.

Average salary of product owner – Glassdoor survey

What is the Certification process for CSPO?

CSPO is a participation-based certificate. Since it’s an interactive workshop, no exam is followed; your participation in two days of class ensures that you understand the role of a product owner.

Once you have completed two days CSPO workshop, CST will submit your data to Scrum Alliance. You will receive the certification within a day or two. It will also include two years membership of Scrum Alliance community.


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Exam & certification

Q. Where is your office in Hyderabad?

A. We do not have a local office in Hyderabad. However, we conduct regular training for CSM and CSPO, Agile Coaching etc. In case you want to meet our representative or trainer, you can visit HOTEL IBIS, HITEC CITY, HYDERABADon the day of training and discuss in person.

Q. What all trainings do you conduct in Hyderabad?

A. Hyderabad is a hub for IT professionals, keeping in mind your certification needs, we organize regular batches of CSM, CSPO, SAFe Agilist, Agile Coaching and Kanban. CSPO is among popular certificates for product owner, so we conduct regular batches in Hyderabad.

Q.What is Product Owner Certification?

A. Certified Scrum Product owner or CSPO is a popular Scrum Alliance Certification which defines the role of product owner in Scrum. The workshop is led by a CST and covers PO role in depth. This is good for both beginner as well as experienced product owners.

Q. How much do product owners make?

A. Product owner median salary in India is around 18 Lakhs per annum at the experience level of 5+ years. As per Glassdoor and Linkedin Salary data, Bangalore, Hyderabadhave better salaries to offer to product owners as compared to Delhi. Companies which pays great salaries to product owner are IBM, Sapient, Wipro and Bank of America.

This is based on 1000+ salary information shared on Glassdoor and Linkedin Salary insights data.

Q. Which Product Owner certification is best?

A. Here is a brief of the certificates

Certificate name Certification body Key Features
Professional scrum product owner (PSPO) PScrum.org
  • No training required
  • Need to clear exam
  • Lifetime validity
  • Respected as an expert certificate in scrum circles
  • Global acceptance
Certified Scrum Product Owner Scrum Alliance
  • Classroom Training mandatory
  • No Exam
  • Validity -2 years
  • Global Brand and respected certificate
  • Big community to support you
Professional Business Analyst By PMI (PBA) Project Management Institute
  • Online exam
  • Required 35 contact hour training
  • Backed by PMI Brand
  • Good for Waterfall and traditional project management methodologies
  • Added Agile Flavour recently
  • Validity – 3 years
SAFe PMPO Scaled Agile Academy
  • Training mandatory
  • Online exam Mandatory
  • Validity 2 years
  • Good for Scaled Agile Environment and Scrum of Scrum
Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP) IIBA
  • Online exam
  • Training and experience mandatory
  • Validity 3 years
  • Reputed for traditional business analysts

Q. What is the role of a product owner?

A. Product owner represents the business side of project. He is the one responsible for Product vision and delivery. He would interact with various stakeholders to take the product forward and create value for the customer. He would own, maintain and prioritize the product roadmap and coordinate various scrum ceremonies.

Q. Can a product owner become Agile coach?

A. If you have gained an experience of working as a product owner, you can be really effective as an Agile coach. The product owner role teaches you to collaborate with various stakeholders, it improves your facilitation skills. Overall, you understand the product vision and how scrum team works.
Product owners are great at conflict resolutions which makes them a perfect candidate for agile coaching.

Q. Can I project manager become product owner?

A. It’s a transformational role for a project manager to become a product owner. Its not a straightforward transition.

A command and control project manager will have to go through a learning curve in order to become successful as product owner. In a PO role, you do not have powers to direct people. Its more of a communication and other soft skills that matters. You need to develop a servant leader mindset. Here is your quick checklist to get started –

  • Drop the command and control mindset, try to coordinate, cooperate and communicate, everyone in the scrum team has a servant leader’s mind.
  • Take the team together to deliver value.
  • Interact with various stakeholders and take a stand for product value.

Q.Can the product owner and the ScrumMaster be the same person?

A. Product owner and scrum masters are critical roles for a scrum team. For the interest of team, its important that two separate people play this role. Product owner has a distinct responsibility of managing the product delivery, scrum master keeps the team motivated.

A single person will not be able to justify both the roles.

Q. How is business analyst different from product owner?

A. Business analyst plays a similar role in a traditional waterfall project. Here is a quick snapshot of both the roles

Product Owner Business Analyst
Product owner maintains the product backlog. A Business analyst will gather the requirements for product.
Product owner follow incremental product development A business analyst will not necessarily follow an incremental process.
A product Owner will take customer feedback and ensure that the product is matching with the customer’s expectations A Business analyst’s role is limited to requirement gathering only.
Both Product Owner and Scrum Master have a similar role to take a product to success. A product owner is much more proactive and involved in product delivery, feedback, customer interaction etc.

Q. What are the popular Agile Certifications?

A. Popular Agile Certifications are:

Certifications Who is it for?
Certified ScrumMaster®
  • For Existing Scrum Masters
  • IT professionals
  • Project managers and team leaders who want to understand scrum
Certified Scrum Product Owner®
  • For people who understand the business side of a project.
  • IT professionals
  • For Existing Scrum Product Owners
  • For managers who want to develop an overview of what is Agile and various Agile frameworks.
Scaled Agile SAFe Agilist
  • For Scrum of scrum teams
  • Agile Professionals working in enterprise Agile Environment
  • For Agile Leaders
Agile Coaching
  • For Senior scrum masters
  • Agile Leaders
  • Agile Coaches
  • Scrum Coaches

Q. Who is the owner of product backlog?

A. The product backlog is owned by Scrum Product Owner. He has the primary responsibility of maintaining, developing prioritizing the product backlog items.

Q. What is the Certification process for CSPO?

A. Here is the brief process of Certification for CSPO –

  1. Attend 2 days CSPO Certification Workshop by Scrum Alliance
  2. Complete in class assignments as given by CST
  3. CST submits your data to Scrum Alliance after the in class assessment
  4. Scrum Alliance will release your certification with 2 years validity

Q. Is there any Exam for CSPO?

A. No, CSPO certification is provided based on the participation. Your trainer will decide based on your performance of in class assessments. Scrum Alliance may introduce an exam in future.

Q. What is the difference between CSPO and PSPO

A. CSPO and PSPO both are reputed Certificates for product owners. If you are in a product owner role, both certifications can add great value to your career. Consider following facts before choosing any one certificate-

Parameters of Comparison CSPO PSPO
Certification process Participation based Online exam
Training Mandatory Optional
Defined Syllabus Yes, Scrum Product owner objectives 2017 Yes
Validity 2 years, can be renewed Lifetime validity
Community support Comprehensive (Offline Scrum User groups and meetps) Limited (Mostly online)
Branding Globally Accepted Globally Accepted
Recommended For Product owners working in scrum Product owners working in scrum

Q. Are there any pre-requisites for CSPO Certifications?

A. No, Any professional with experience of scrum or even beginner can go for a CSPO certification. There is no defined eligibility Criteria. Ideally, someone with an experience of working in scrum team should do this certification.

Q. How Do I renew my CSPO Certification?

A. You need to earn 20 Scrum education units in 2 years to keep your certification active. Once you have completed this requirement you can login to the scrum alliance community portal and renew your certification by paying USD 100. The Certification is renewed for two years minimum.

Q. How many PDUs Do I get by doing CSPO Certification with iZenbridge.

A. In general, a 16 hours training will offer you 16 PDUs. iZenbridge has designed a package with online content which can offer you upto 30 PDUs for PMI Course renewal.

Q. How Do I Get membership of Scrum Alliance?

A. Once you have completed your class, the trainer will submit you data to Scrum Alliance, which in turn will send you details of your community portal login. You can create an account using the same email address.

Q. How Do I make the best use of Scrum Alliance community portal?

A. As a scrum product owner, you are expected to actively participate in various community events. By being active, you can earn Scrum education units, people will recognize you as a go to person for queries related to product owner role.

Q. How Do I enrol for the CSPO Certification in Hyderabad?

A. You can enrol by paying on izenbridge website. Once you have made the payment, You will receive an automatic confirmation email with details of the class and our online program on Scrum. You can note down the venue and dates of the class.

Q. How Do I pay for CSPO?

A. You can make an online payment confirm your enrolment. Just click on the book now button and you will be taken to payment gateway. We have a number of payment options

  • Credit card (Visa, Mastercard and Amex)
  • Netbanking
  • Debit Card
  • Diner’s Club
  • PayPal

Q. Can I Cancel my enrolment? What is the process?

A. Yes, You can cancel or postpone your enrolment. You need to intimate us a week in advance so that we can adjust your enrolment in future batch or process your refund as desired by you.

Upcoming Classroom Trainings

Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO) Virtual (23 – 24 January’21)

Online Live
3:30 pm to 11:30 pm IST
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Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO) Virtual (20 – 21 February 2021)

Online Live
3:30 pm to 11:30 pm IST
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Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO) Virtual (27 – 28 March 2021)

Online Live
3:30 pm to 11:30 pm IST
INR 21999+Tax

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Sekhar’s journey to transform the world of work, so that everyone enjoy coming to work everyday. He is an Enterprise Transformation Coach has over 18+ years primarily focused on building great teams that build great organizations, inculcating agile ways of working, lean thinking, promoting innovation and help leadership transitioning through change that enables business agility.

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