Timeboxing for Scrum Teams

Why is Timeboxing the secret weapon of success for Scrum Masters?

Scrum recommends teams to follow timeboxed iterations to software development also known a sprint. Everything within the Sprint has an allocated time, and you are expected to deliver things within this timeframe. Participants in our Certified Scrum Master Training keep asking for specific advantage of Timeboxing, with this blog, I would like to discuss timeboxing in detail The major difference between a traditional project management and scrum is the way they approach time. Traditional project teams follow a predictive lifecycle…

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Scrum in 60 seconds

What is Scrum? Scrum framework helps teams develop product aligned with customer needs and helps them do it faster. Scrum is popularly known as a minimalistic framework because of following characteristics – The product is built on incremental basis incorporating customer requirements. It facilitates collaboration between team and customer for the end goal. It captures continuous feedback It enhances the learning curve. It covers only scrum development process and does not touch upon issues of organization behavior, resources, finance. The…

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Scrum Master Journey

Our beloved Scrum Master died, here are his last words

Most people kill themselves because of a mental condition. This is true in my case too. The condition I suffer from is that I am not normal; I am not like every one of you “sane” people. I still remember the happy days when I used to code. Those ecstatic moments after solving complex algorithm are still fresh. I used to be the most productive developer in my team and everyone just loved my cheerful nature. I used to work…

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scrum master

Scrum Certificates – Is CSM right for me?

If you are like many IT professionals in India, this is a question which frequently keeps haunting you. The traditional project managers who are currently in a middle management position are confused, reluctant or apprehensive. Well, Agile is no more a buzzword, fad or short term scenario; it’s been here for quite some time. Even large enterprises are adopting Agile really fast. According to the latest state of agile report 2015 by Version One, Scrum has emerged as a most…

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Agile Coach Journey

Do we need an Agile Coach?

Agile coach is the buzzword of the town and many are still wondering why the enterprises are looking for an agile coach? Most organization adopted the training route for agile transformation, where they hire an external vendor who imparts the agile training. The teams are expected to adopt agile development methodologies once the training is over. This approach worked for many organizations while some of them are still struggling in the change management process. Post training, the teams are left…

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