Certified Scrum Master

how to build career in agile and scrum post certified scrum master

How to build a career in agile and scrum post certified scrum master 

Now, you have successfully completed Certified Scrum master classroom training. Two days of classroom training is sufficient to become familiar with Scrum and Agile framework. Further, you are looking to enhance your career as an Agile Leader. This blog is in the context of the prospects after the Certified Scrum Master. These certifications will help you to enhance your professional growth and learning. Why further Agile certifications are important after CSM? Certified Scrum Master is a basic certification to enter…
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how to be successful with agile


A Simple User Story As an Agile evangelist with over 13 years of overall rich software industry experience I often come across this question of Agile Vs Waterfall. Questions range from why agile to why not waterfall and everything in between. Today, I wanted to pen down my thoughts that I think will help everyone to try and shun this debate and instead try and focus on getting success with either Agile or waterfall based on the situational awareness as…

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PMI-ACP Vs CSM Dilemma

PMI-ACP® Certification Vs. CSM Dilemma

In this blog series addressing some of the frequently asked questions, my next pick is - Which certification should I do? – PMI-ACP® Certification or CSM. So, which is the best certification to opt for? This is one of the most common questions that I get often. I would like to flip this question a bit before answering. The right question to consider would be – which of these is the right certification for you? Certifications are a great way…
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Can CSM be done Online ?Now, Certified Scrum Master Certification Training can be done online. Join 2 days of online training to get certified as Certified Scrum Master.

Can CSM be done online?

for more QUERY Email at sales@izenbridge.com We all know Coronavirus pandemic is forcing global experimentation with remote teaching. Apparently, here is an opportunity to enhance your career in Scrum world , by opting Scrum Master Certification online training and certification . As Scrum alliance unlatched doors of doing CSM Training and exam Online. In the last few blogs, I have been discussing some of the commonly asked questions on topics related to Agile, CSM and project management. Here’s another interesting…
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CSM Exam – 100 Percent Pass Guarantee or Farce

If google start deciding synonymy of two words by their proximity of web, Scrum and Guarantee will become synonyms. When izenbridge started CSM training in India, we discovered that Scrum Training only sells with a Guarantee and not without it. So much so that, guarantee itself has become a buzzword, it started appearing in social media banners, Google and FacebookAdWords, promotional emails from all corners. Our customer started asking for it. When we were in the process of discovering the…

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