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The Certified Scrum Product Owner®(CSPO) certification is provided by the globally renowned “Scrum Alliance.” The Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO) course is a two-day comprehensive introduction to product visioning, feature creation and design management focused on the Scrum framework. The course demonstrates how the Product Owner and Scrum teams apply Scrum and Agile product management methods to test concepts, develop specifications, and produce limited, time-boxed prototypes of potentially shippable goods. The course uses a combination of lectures, role-plays, and drills to give the Brand Owner and his / her team an understanding of the tasks and activities.

The Scrum framework is implemented in a mini-project environment, where user stories concepts, agile forecasting, and release preparation are put into practice.

Why Certified Scrum Product Owner® (CSPO)?

Certified Scrum Product Owner® has a vital role in scrum teams as they are at the centre of every development cycle. They are the leaders who are responsible for maximizing the value of the products created by a Scrum development team. They take on several roles, including business strategist, product designer, market analyst, customer liaison, and project manager. They work closely with various stakeholders including Scrum Master, customers and end-users of the product. Our Certified Scrum Product Owner training in Jakarta adds values to the scrum team, stakeholders, product and Scrum as a whole. This course helps you build a solid foundation of product owner role. The two-day CSPO Certification training in Jakarta covers the product manager role in detail as defined by the Scrum guide. You will learn how to improve product value, how to lead the Scrum teams, and how to effectively communicate what you want your product to do by maximising project’s ROI. CSPO Certification validates your knowledge and understanding of the Scrum framework and the role of a product owner within a scrum team. The demand for CSPO professionals is continuously increasing in Jakarta, even Fortune 500 companies are sought-after the CSPO professionals these days. Certification is paving the way for better and more significant opportunities in the field of Agile.

Scrum Alliance underlines the importance of Product Owners as follows:

Therefore, it is a globally recognized course with a career-defining credential for the one who is willing to take up the challenging role of a Product Owner in an organization.

Why iZenBridge?

iZenbridge is a Global REP of Scrum Alliance since 2012. We believe in creating wonderful experiences in our workshop and beyond. Our trainer has 17+ years of Agile coaching experience who deliver training through interactive classroom session. There are over 30,000+ CSPOs worldwide. We conduct a CSPO workshop as per global standards with a 100% success rate. Our course will enhance your industry credibility and boost your earning potential in Jakarta. Our training is full of real-life experience, and our post-training assistance ensures you get help whenever you need by providing an online learning module to support continuous learning throughout the journey of certification. We are conducting training in multiple countries such as India, Canada, Indonesia, etc.to transform the organizations. We also have 33,100 subscribers in our youtube channel.

Role of the Product Owner in a Scrum Team

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Benefits of CSPO certification

Who should take this course?

Certified Scrum Product Owner is a unique certificate. The product owner is a very challenging role. You should do CSPO if you are:


Lead by Industry Leading Trainers

Sekhar Burra
Certified Scrum Trainer (CST), CEC , CTC , ICF-PCC , ORSC , PMP, PMI-ACP
Sekhar is a Certified Scrum Trainer (CST), Certified Enterprise Coach (CEC), and Enterprise Agile Transformation Coach with 17+ years of experience. His primary focus and speciality includes buildi...
Experience : 17 + Years of experience...
Trained : 20000 + Participants trained

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