Webinar on 'Kanban for Dev Projects? How exactly?'

21st March 2018
8:00 PM - 9:00 PM IST

Speaker : Sanjay Kumar

Yes, Kanban works great for support projects and it can work just as great for Development projects too. In fact, most of coaching engagements have been about using Kanban for development projects - either with teams that had been struggling with Scrum or teams that felt Scrum would be a big change.
In this webinar, we will start with a high level introduction of Kanban Method followed by step by step approach on how a new team may adopt Kanban for a less disruptive Agile transition.
To get the most out of this session, please consider reading the following articles to ensure good understanding of Kanban Method:
1. What is Kanban?
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2. Kanban Core Practices and Principles
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Webinar on 'Hybrid Life Cycles Approaches'

3rd April 2018
8:00 PM - 9:00 PM IST

Speaker : Saket Bansal

We keep hearing people debating Agile vs. Waterfall; It is not always suitable to use single approach for an entire project. Projects often combine elements of different life cycles to achieve certain goals.

In this webinar we will explore Agile Suitability Filter Tool developed by Boehm and Turner (Source PMI Agile Practice Guide), Agile Suitability Filter Tool represents a synthesis of several suitability filters attributes to help organizations assess and discuss whether projects should be undertaken using predictive, hybrid or agile approaches.

If you are new to adaptive life cycle, checking this video might help before attending the webinar

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