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Complaint resolution policy

iZenBridge is a global firm and has a mission to help professionals get the desired Knowledge & certifications. We conduct training in various modes i.e. Physical Classroom, Online/Virtual Classroom, & online self-paced. Our Business Model is based on effective customer experience which comes with an end to end support until they are certified. This support also requires clear customer queries and complaint handling policy which enables customer queries and complaints are easy to report, acknowledges, and dealt with quickly, fairly, and sensitively.

Following are the objectives of this policy:

  • All customers are treated equally and fairly
  • All queries and complaints are dealt with courtesy and resolved on time
  • All customers are made completely aware of their course details, available services channels, and support channels so that they can opt based on their needs.
  • Customers are made aware of the escalation path if they are not fully satisfied with the response or resolution to their complaints and concerns.

Definition of a Complaint / Queries:

  • A complaint of unacceptable employee behavior
  • A product access Issue
  • PDU claim issue
  • Claim PDU certificate
  • Queries need expert attention from enrolled and other certificate exam aspirants
  • Course-related enquires from prospects

Channels available for customers to report queries and complaints:

  • Exclusive Course Forum – After enrolment, each customer gets access to the exclusive forum, where they can discuss their course queries. We have an expert team of trainers and coaches who guide customers perfectly throughout the journey. During enrolment, customers are made aware which expert would be available to support their queries and they make sure response time within one business day.
  • Web Chat – Our support team is available from 8 AM IST to 11 PM IST on the webchat. All queries made on webchat guided and handled quickly. Customers can drop an offline message after business hours and these queries are handled within one business day.
  • WhatsApp Chat – We have a dedicated WhatsApp number (+91 99582 87711) to handle customer complaints quickly.
  • Email – All customers are made aware of support email where they can post their questions or complaints. We have a dedicated support team that ensures the resolution of all support queries within one business day.
  • Phone – All customers are made aware of an expert phone number where they can call and discusses urgent concerns for easy and fast resolution.

Escalation of Customer Complaints

If customers are not satisfied with the response that customer receives from the above access channels or if customers do not hear from us in 2 working days, customers can escalate their complaint by:Writing to head customer Support team – They can write to support by mentioning subject – “Escalating – Need urgent Attention” It would be automatically escalated to Head Customer Support Team

Severity Levels Defined for various Customers Complaints –

  • Severity 1 – Complaints that are related to course access where the customer raises a complaint that he/she is not able to access the course, taken as a top priority, and resolved within a couple of hours irrespective of business hours. The same severity is assigned when a customer reports to unacceptable behavior by an iZenbridge employee, such complaints are handled directly by the Head Support Team.
  • Severity 2 – All course-related queries from possible prospects handled and closed within 24 hours.
  • Severity 3 – All course-related queries require expert attention from enrolled customers are handled and closed within one Business day.
  • Severity 4 – All course-related queries require expert attention from non-customers are handled and closed within 2-3 Business days. Also, all PDU Certificate issue related requests are handled and closed within 2-3 business day.

We at iZenBridge conducts regular training programs for support staff and experts to handle customers’ queries and complaints effectively within defined severity level definition.

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