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  • 900+ Assessment questions
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What is PMI Professional in Business Analysis (PMI-PBA) ® certification:

PMI-PBA® certification is the internationally acclaimed accelerated Business Analysis certification for your core business analysis skills. This certificate is clear evidence of your hands-on practical Business Analysis skills for (But not limited to):

  • Your ability to define and interpret Business Benefits
  • Your skills to engage stakeholders to develop the right solution
  • Your approach of doing business analysis both for a project and a core business environment.
  • Your experience of requirement development and management

So, the PMI-PBA® certification makes you a certified expert in delivering desired business outcomes. Also, it highlights your business analysis skills in defining and interpreting business direction necessary for realizing business benefits.

Why PMI-PBA® certification:

There are many other business analysis certificates besides PMI-PBA® certification; then the question is – why to choose PMI-PBA® certification?

The core focus of PMI-PBA® certification is for those who are doing business analysis in a project environment. The business analysis is a critical and required competency for a successful project. Thus, the PMI-PBA® certification gives a close link with PMBOK® Guide, which is the primary reference for PMP® certification. The linking with PMBOK® Guide helps you to excel in your business analysis skills in a project environment. It is the main reason for choosing PMI-PBA® certification even by project managers who either closely work with Business analysts or doing a hybrid PM/BA role.

For more details on which certification to choose – PMI-PBA® or CABAP, please refer following blog: PMI-PBA® Vs. CBAP Certification

Key Features:

  • Updated as per recent 2018 PMI-PBA® exam changes
  • iZenBridge has been approved by PMI to issue 35 PDUs for this course
  • 60+ hours of classroom style videos using interactive whiteboard session
  • Quizzes after each lesson
  • 900+ Assessment questions includes:
    • 2 Full length simulation exams
    • Practice questions for each business analysis domain
    • Practice questions for business analysis tools & techniques and for knowledge & skills
  • 180 days e-learning access
  • Goal based study approach
  • Easy returns, 7 days 100% money back guarantee

You will also get support through the journey of training right up to certification using:

  • Our expert trainers stay personally connected with you at every step of your PMI-PBA® Certification
  • Exclusive forum access where participants can share their learned and practical experiences. Forum is ideal to get expert tips for the exam
  • Support in Filling PMI-PBA® Examination Application Form
  • On demand sessions to clarify doubts related to examination

We do value the PMI-PBA® certification aspirant’s probes for the examination, and with regular interaction on the forum and on- demand clarification sessions, we are committed to making you ready for the examination from the very beginning.

Content Outline

iZenBridge – Professional in Business Analysis (PMI-PBA) ® exam Prep course is completely based on PMI-PBA® Certification content outline.
We chronologically arranged the logical division of PMI-PBA® Certification Course content that makes studying pattern simple.

Before You Start

Topics Covered
PMI Professional in Business Analysis (PMI-PBA)® Exam Introductory Guide – Must Read Before You Start
Study Plan
Study Guideline
PMI-PBA® Exam Preparation Discussion
What is Business Analysis
Business Analysis Domains
Business Analysis Practice Guide

Business Analysis Domains – A High Level View

Topics Covered
Need Assessment
Traceability and Monitoring

Introduction: PMI Guide to Business Analysis

Topics Covered
The Value of Business Analysis
What is Business Analysis
Type of Requirements
Project Stakeholders
Product and Project Life Cycles
Program Management
Portfolio Management
Business Value
Components of the PMI Guide to Business Analysis

The Environment in which Business Analysis is conducted

Topics Covered
Enterprise Environment Factors and Organization Process Assets
Organization Systems and Business

The Role of the Business Analyst

Topics Covered
Role of Business Analyst
Business Analyst’s Sphere of Influence

Need Assessment Domain

Topics Covered
Identify Problem & Opportunity
Identify Problem or Opportunity – ITTO
Identify Problem or Opportunity – ITTO – Presentation
Assess Current State of the Organization
Assess Current State – ITTO
Assess Current State – ITTO – Presentation
Determine Future State – ITTO
Determine Future State – ITTO – Presentation
Recommend Actions to Address Business Need
Determine Viable Options and Provide Recommendation ITTO
Determine Viable Options and Provide Recommendation ITTO – Presentation
Facilitate Product Roadmap Development ITTO
Facilitate Product Roadmap Development ITTO – Presentation
Assemble the Business Case
Assemble Business Case ITTO
Assemble Business Case ITTO – Presentation
Support Charter Development ITTO
Support Charter Development ITTO – Presentation
Need Assessment Exam Tips

Planning Domain..

Topics Covered
Planning Domain Clarification Session – Part -1 -Presentation
Planning Domain Clarification Session – Part -1 -Clarification Session
Planning Domain Clarification Session – Part -2 -Presentation
Planning Domain Clarification Session – Part -2 -Clarification Session
Why Business Analysis Planning
Conduct or Refine the Stakeholder Analysis
Business Analysis Plan
What to include in the Business Analysis Plan
Leverage Past Experiences when Planning
Plan for Elicitation and Analysis
Define the Requirements Prioritization Process
Define the Traceability Approach
Define the Communication Approach
Define the Decision Making Process
Define the Requirements Verification & Validation Process

Adaptive Life Cycle

Topics Covered
What is Agile?
Agile Principles
APM Framework
Scrum in Action
The Product Backlog
Product Backlog Management
User Stories
INVEST User Stories
Discussion on User Stories and Estimation
Value Based Prioritization
Agile Release Planning

Stakeholder Engagement

Topics Covered
Identify Stakeholders ITTO
Identify Stakeholders ITTO – Presentation
Conduct Stakeholder Analysis ITTO
Conduct Stakeholder Analysis ITTO – Presentation
Determine Elicitation Approach ITTO
Determine Stakeholder Engagement and Communication Approach ITTO – Presentation
Work Breakdown Structure
Conduct Business Analysis Planning ITTO
Conduct Business Analysis Planning ITTO – Presentation
Prepare for Transition to Future State ITTO
Prepare for Transition to Future State ITTO – Presentation
Manage Stakeholder Engagement and Communication – ITTO
Manage Stakeholder Engagement and Communication – ITTO – Presentation
Assess Business Analysis Performance ITTO
Assess Business Analysis Performance ITTO – Presentation

Elicitation Domain

Topics Covered
Elicit Information
Plan for Elicitation
Determine Elicitation Approach ITTO
Determine Elicitation Approach ITTO – Presentation
Prepare for Elicitation
Prepare for Elicitation ITTO
Prepare for Elicitation ITTO – Presentation
Conduct Elicitation Activities
Conduct Elicitation ITTO
Conduct Elicitation ITTO – Presentation
Elicitation Techniques
Confirm Elicitation Results ITTO
Confirm Elicitation Results ITTO – Presentation
Elicitation Issues and Challenges
Complete Elicitation

Analysis Domain

Topics Covered
Plan for Analysis
Determine Analysis Approach ITTO
Determine Analysis Approach ITTO – Presentation
Business Analysis Model
Create and Analyze Models
Scope Models
Process Models
Rule Models
Data Models
Interface Models
Prioritization Schemes
The Product Backlog
Document the Solution Requirements
Requirements Characteristics
Verification and Validation
Identify and Analyze Product Risks
Identify and Analyze Product Risks – Presentation
Assess Product Design Options
Assess Product Design Options – Presentation
Exam Tips For Analysis Domain

Traceability and Monitoring Domain

Topics Covered
Requirement Traceability Matrix
What is RTM – Basic Idea
What is RTM – Presentation
Determine Traceability and Monitoring Approach – ITTO
Determine Traceability and Monitoring Approach ITTO – Presentation
Dependency Management using RTM
Establish Relationship and Dependencies ITTO
Establish Relationship and Dependencies ITTO – Presentation
Work Authorization System
Baseline & Monitoring Requirements
The Requirements Life Cycle
Select and Approve Requirements ITTO
Select and Approve Requirements ITTO – Presentation
Managing Changes To Requirements
Configuration Management System
Manage Changes to Requirements and other Product Information ITTO
Manage Changes to Requirements and other Product Information ITTO – Presentation
Exam Tips For Traceability and Monitoring Domain

Evaluation Domain

Topics Covered
Solution Evaluation
Evaluate Solution Performance ITTO
Evaluate Solution Performance ITTO – Presentation
Plan for Evaluation
Determine What to Evaluate
When and how to Validate Solution Results
Determine Solution Evaluation Approach ITTO
Determine Solution Evaluation Approach ITTO – Presentation
Evaluate Acceptance Results and Address Defects ITTO
Evaluate Acceptance Results and Address Defects ITTO – Presentation
Defects Go/No-Go Signoff
Obtain Solution Acceptance for Release ITTO
Obtain Solution Acceptance for Release ITTO – Presentation
Exam Tips For Evaluation Domain

Need Assessment Domain- Tools & Techniques

Topics Covered
Role of BA in Need Assessment
Strategy Development & Refinement
Mission Objectives Strategies and Tactics
PESTLE Analysis
Porter’s Five Forces Framework
BCG Matrix
Resource Audit
Ansoff Matrix
McKinsey 7S Model
Four View Model
Business Rule
Financial Decision Analysis (NPV , PV etc.)
Value Stream Mapping

Business Analysis Tools and Techniques

Topics Covered
Presentation: Interview
Interview Question Type
Focus Group
Quantitative Investigation
Context Diagram
Mind Map
Rich Pictures
Decision Table
Force Field Analysis
Acceptance Criteria Definition
Presentation : Root Cause Analysis
Presentation: Interface Analysis
Presentation : Lesson Learned
Presentation : Brainstorming
Presentation : Pareto
Kano Model
Presentation : Functional Decomposition
Presentation : Document Analysis
Data Dictionary & Glossary
Conflict Management
Presentation : Use Cases
Presentation : Sequence Diagram
Prioritization & Decision Making: MoSCow
Decision Tree and Expected Monitory Value

A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge, (PMBOK® Guide) – Sixth Edition Chapters

Topics Covered
Introduction of PMBOK® Guide Edition
Project Integration Management
Project Scope Management
Economic Models of Project Selections
Project Quality Management
Project Communication Management
Project Risk Management
Project Stakeholder Management

Agile Practice Guide

Topics Covered
Agile Mind-set
Lean Kanban Agile
Project Life cycle
Stacey Complexity Model
Characteristic of Project Life cycle
Hybrid Life Cycle
Agile Adaption Strategies
Tailoring Options
Start with an agile mind-set
Servant leadership empowers the team
Servant leader responsibilities
Role of The Project Manager In an Agile Environment
Agile Teams
Agile Roles
Generalizing Specialists
Team Structures
Dedicated Team Members
Team Workspaces
Overcoming Organizational Silos
Charter the Project and the Team
Common Agile Practices -Retrospectives
Common Agile Practices – Backlog Preparation
Organizational Change Management
Organizational Culture
Procurement and Contracts
Business Practices
Multiteam Coordination and Dependencies (Scaling)
AGILE Project Management Office
Organization Structure


Topics Covered
Eligibility Requirements
Exam Process
Examination Information

Sample Videos

Learning Schedule

PMI PBA learning schedule (2)

Free Practice Test

PMI-PBA Sample Certificate

PMI-PBA Sample Certificate


Q. What is a Business Analysis?

A. Business analysis is the application of knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to:

  1. Determine problems and identify business needs.
  2. Identify and recommend viable solutions for meeting those needs.
  3. Elicit, document, and manage stakeholder requirements to meet business and project objectives.
  4. Facilitate the successful implementation of the product, service, or end result of the program or project.
  5. In short, business analysis is the set of activities performed to identify business needs and recommend relevant solutions; and to elicit, document, and manage requirements.

Source: Project Management Institute. Business Analysis for Practitioners: A Practice Guide, 2015. Page 3

You can also refer following video to understand high level view of Business Analysis activities:

Q. What is PMI-PBA® Certification?

A. PMI-PBA® certification is an accredited PMI Professional in Business Analysis (PMI-PBA)® Certification. PMI defines business analysis as the application of knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques:

  • To determine problems and identify business needs;
  • To identify and recommend viable solutions for meeting those needs;
  • To elicit, document, and manage stakeholder requirements to meet business and project objectives; and
  • To facilitate the project team with the successful implementation of the product, service, or end result of the project or program.

While managing requirements is one critical part of the larger business analysis function, the process of business analysis often begins before project initiation, and extends beyond project closure, to ensure that expected benefits are realized. Regardless of whether a project manager or business analyst has a responsibility, being good at these related functions is essential to ensure the successful delivery of projects and programs.

Source: PMI-Pulse-Requirements-Management-In-Depth-Report

Q. Who should join the program?

A. Any professional who work in projects and program including project and program managers, who perform business analysis in their role:

  • Business Analyst
  • System Analyst
  • Program Manager
  • Delivery Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Product Manager
  • Product Owner
  • Domain Specialist
  • Systems architects or designers
  • IT managers/directors
  • QA professionals
  • Systems testers
  • Business customers, users, or partners
  • Anyone wanting to enhance their business analysis skill

Q. What is the examination fee for the PMI-PBA course?

The PBA examination fee for PMI members is $405.00 whereas for Non-member is $555.00. However, we recommend you to become a member of PMI to avail various benefits such as you’ll have access to a huge library of information and career tools, as well as discounts, incentives, and perks. You’ll also have access to local and global communities, the opportunity to advance and give back to the profession, discounts, rewards, and perks.

Q. Do I need to be a designated business analyst to apply for PMI-PBA® certification?

A. No, Business analyst designation is not a mandate for PMI-PBA® Certification.
PMI recognizes if you are a part of a business analysis irrespective of your designation. You may be a system engineer or a project manager, but if your work activities are as per the content outline of the PMI-PBA® certification, this then makes you eligible for this certificate.

Q. Is Project Management Professional (PMP)® Certification a prerequisite for PMI-PBA® Certification?

A. No, you don’t need any PMI Certification as a prerequisite for PMI-PBA® Certification.

Q. What is the eligibility criterion?

A. The eligibility criterion of PMI-PBA® certification is grouped under two types:

  • Experience- If you have a bachelor’s degree or a global equivalent, then you need to have an experience of 3 years in business analysis. It means you are required to have 4500 hours of experience in 3 years duration doing activities associated with the business analysis.If you do not have a bachelor’s degree, then you need to have an experience of 5 years rather than three years.PMI also requires you to demonstrate you have worked on a project for at least 2000 hours. These 2000 hours implies you need to show you were doing business analysis, which later turned into a project environment. It is because PMI launched PMI-PBA® Certification with the goal that we need to do an effective Business analysis to get the project successful.
  • Business Analysis Education You need to acquire 35 hours of Business Analysis Education, which can be achieved by enrolling in a formal study course offered by PMI chapters or approved Registered Education Providers (R.E.P.s) like iZenBridge

For more details to understand PMI-PBA® certification eligibility criteria, please refer following video:

Q. What is the course outline?

A. PMI has grouped business analysis activities under five domains:

  1. The first set is a Need Assessment wherein one needs to do enterprise analysis, high level scoping, identifying top-level stakeholders, prepares the business case
  2. Second is Planning identifies tools, policies, and procedures for the requirements management plan, requirements traceability, change management, document control, and acceptance criteria.
  3. The third is Analysis, wherein elicitation, Analysis, decomposition, acceptance, approval, specification, and validation of the requirements for a product or project are performed. You get into the details of the top-level requirements, create a system specification document, create business process flow, and show system user interaction. Such kind of elaboration needs communication for the detailed requirements to the development team. The analysis domain also takes care of it.
  4. Fourth, Traceability and Monitoring wherein managing the life cycle of requirements are involved. It involves monitoring requirements throughout their lifecycles using traceability tools and techniques, updating requirement status as it moves through its life cycle, communicating requirement status to stakeholders and managing changes to requirements
  5. And, lastly fifth, Evaluation, whether it’s meeting the requirements and meets the business need

You can check the details in the PMI-PBA® Certification Content Outline

Q. I have been working on business analysis for three years and now I am working on Project Management for past two years, can I still opt for PMI-PBA® Certification?

A. Yes, if you are currently holding Project Manager Position, still you are eligible for this certification. As a Project Manager, you can show what business analysis activities you did for each domain. PMI-PBA® Certification just needs business analysis experience regardless of designation. Anyone, who work on projects and programs, as well as project and program managers who perform business analysis as part of their role can apply for this certification.

For more details on the understanding of your eligibility as a project manager – Why Should Project Manager Get PMI-PBA® Certification?

Q. How many Contact Hours are required?

A. You need to have 35 contact hours of business analysis education. This education you can take from any registered education provider following PMI-PBA® Certification Content Outline

Q. Where can I give the exam?

A. The centers authorized to take exams for PMP® can also take exams for PMI-PBA® Exam. Centers which are conducting the exam for Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)® or Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)® may not be able to conduct this exam.

Q. What is the duration of the PMI-PBA® Exam?

A. Four hours duration for 200 questions

Q. Do we have a book the way we have A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge, (PMBOK® Guide) – Sixth Edition for PMP® Certification?

A. PMI has released Business Analysis for Practitioners: A Practice Guide and PMI Guide to Business Analysis and PMI guide to Business Analysis.

PMI has also suggested a few reference books which you can go through on the basis of PMI-PBA® Exam Content Outline.

PMI-PBA is registered trademark of the Project Management Institute, Inc.

PMP and PMBOK are registered trademark of the Project Management Institute, Inc.

Trainer Profile

Director, Project Management Professional (PMP)® & Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)® Certification Trainer, iZenBridge

Saket Bansal is the Founder of iZenBridge, a global education provider dedicated to improving the employability of working professionals. Saket started his professional career as a developer, and from the last eight years, he is in education and consulting. Saket facilitates training on Business Agility, SAFe, Disciplined Agile, Project Management, Agile, Scrum, Kanban, Facilitation and Coaching skills. Saket is helping start-ups, mid-size organizations and big corporates in developing high performing teams and achieving business agility.

Head Business Analysis Practices, PMI-PBA® Trainer
Seema Sonkiya having approx. 13 years of experience in Scrum, Extreme Programming, lean, and others that fall under the Agile umbrella.

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 5 reviews
by Savita on iZenBridge
Passed PMI-PBA
Linkedin Profile:

Firstly I'd like to thank Izenbridge for the wonderful course content that they provide. It has been very instrumental in my success.

I prepared for 3 months before I scheduled my exam. I followed the Practice guide and PMBOK. The videos provided by Seema and Saket were very helpful in understanding the concepts. I went over them 2 times and got the complete understanding of the domains. In addition to this, I took lot of assessments ( more than 10 in each domain) and 4 full length tests. This is very useful since it builds endurance to sit and focus for 4 hours.

Regarding the exam, 98% percent of the questions were situational. The questions were tricky and the options were not as obvious as expected, several questions seemed to have all the options correct . There were a couple of questions where the weighted criteria had to be calculated to select the correct option. Also there were many questions regarding the prioritization techniques like the appropriate technique to choose based on the situation. It took me all 4 hours to finish my exam, without taking a break.

Thank you Seema and Saket for the effort you put in. I'm looking forward to earn more certifications with your help!

by GIRI RAJ KISHOR on iZenBridge
PBA exam review
Linkedin Profile:

Guys I paased my PMI PBA exam. Its a wonderful feeling with full of excitement after passing a touch exam like PBA. Its not an academic exam but scenario based exam.

I passed the exam after pattern was changed.

I would like to give entire credit to IZen team especially Saket and Seema online lectures. I am a procurement professional who is managing lot of system development, implementation and outsourcing projects. I simply referred the IZen study material over last 1 year and prepared myself for the exams. Study material is very exhaustive .

My advise to test seekers is to relate all your content with real life project examples. This will help you to select best choice in the exam as you will often find more than 1 option looks correct. Saket has explained all study content very wel by linking with real life example like his own experience in setting up PMI PBA exam support centre for professional across the globe. Also please give time to yourself to understand all concept. DO not miss any video.

To conclude I would to thank entire IZen team for their wonderful support in helping me to earn my PBA certification.

I also have 1 request. IZen study material is very useful not only for exam purpose but for ongoing projects where it can be used as a reference material to deal with project challenges. If You can offer Life membership to access the study material It would be a big reward for your working professional in Business Analytics.

Thank you.

by Akanksha on iZenBridge
PMI-PBA - Thanks iZenbridge!
Linkedin Profile:

I really wanted to post this as it does make a difference when you join iZenbridge! I had been very lucky to come across iZenbridge - A self-less world of knowledge & opportunities to learn and create your visibility across the globe... It has open forums and blogs where you are always welcomed to post your queries, thoughts and knowledge.

Along with students earning PMI-PBA credentials, iZenbridge ensures that these students understand and have grown professionally to apply their business analysis skills in real time business... So, finally I earned the PMI-PBA Credential on 5th Dec 2016. My linked in profile -

Highlights of iZenbridge - (Trust me, its a perfect Value for Money (VFM) course!)
1. Training Videos by Saket and Seema - Every concept is perfectly nailed in these videos and just know that you are at the right place!

2. Clarification Sessions by Seema Sonakiya
These sessions are great opportunity to interact live with Seema who leads all of these sessions.
She has immense knowledge about each of the PMI-PBA Domains which will build and enhance your understanding.
She covers 1 topic everytime and then takes up questions from participants and addresses it live at that point.
Post the sessions all relevant forum threads, references and recording from the clarification session are posted on exclusive webinar session thread.

3. Forum - Best for revising material before exams
i) Open Forum to post queries anytime
ii) Exam Prep Questions
iii) Queries & Tricks
iv) Exclusive Webinars - Review links and clarifications provided there
v) Resources - Has selected/shortlisted videos
vi) PBA related blogs from iZenbridge

IZenbridge requested me to give an interview, conduct a live clarification session & write a success story blog.

Quick reference links are as follows – (Check at your leisure. :))
1. Live Interview post exam –
2. iZenBridge Blog - Success comes from Sharing! –
3. Linkedin Blog - Success comes from Sharing! –
4. iZenbridgeForum: Success Story posted by me -
5. Presentation: How easy it is to crack PMI-PBA –
6. iZenbridge Clarification Session Recording: How easy it is to crack PMI-PBA -
7. iZenbridge Clarification Session Blog -

I think just the facts and results justify what iZenbridge does! Keep it up iZenbridge! Special thanks to Seema & Saket :))

by Naga Sowmya Geddada on iZenBridge
I am PMI- PBA Certified
Linkedin Profile:

I strongly say that Izenbridge is the topmost & qualitative institute for who wants to be certified as a “Professional in Business Analysis” from PMP Board.

I am a certified PMI-PBA. I am honored to say this “I could able to achieve this with the help of Izenbridge material and Trainer Seema help.”

Seema provided much needed clarity on topic with practical Case Studies with personal interaction on Webinar. All the videos in the material, guide exam simulations are driven in a very organized manner and informative.

It has been a good learning experience with proper guidance of Seema on how to go forward to get certified. Presentation of trainer Seema; enough and in-depth knowledge is given; I feel this makes me to think analytically while answering the questions in exam.

Seema & Izenbridge, this achievement is the true reflection of your training and motivation. Thanks again to Seema and Izenbridge team who helped me to prove myself and to reach my goal to get certified as Professional in Business Analysis (PMI-PBA).

by Santanu Saha on iZenBridge
iZenBridge PMI-PBA prep program review
Linkedin Profile:

Review of iZenBridge –

iZenBridge has a great foothold in the project management and business analysis areas. I have found iZenBridge delivery system extremely effective and result oriented. The support staff is also helpful and available.

Review of PMI-PBA prep program –

The course comprises of different resources including Business Analysis Practice Guide from PMI, Lesson videos, Forum, clarification sessions and Practice tests. The program is extensive and comprehensive (covers all necessary information and tools for successful passing the PMI-PBA exam) and is backed up by a strong support system to help the students.

The program is well designed and covers end to end preparation i.e. from the stage of application form filling to passing the exam. The forum, clarification sessions and practice tests are great means to evaluate your understanding and prepare better.

Review of the trainers –

The trainers Saket and Seema are extremely talented and knowledgeable in their expertise. You can feel you are in the right hands. The trainers use extremely easy language and real life examples to convey the topics. The trainers are extremely helpful, empathic and always available to answer questions.

I have found this course very useful for my journey in achieving PMI-PBA certification and I would recommend this to anyone who is planning for this exam.

Courses & Resources

The PMI registered Education provider logo is a registered mark of the Project Management Institute, Inc.

The Project Management Professional (PMP), PMBOK, The Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP), and The Professional in Business Analysis (PMI-PBA) are registered mark of the Project Management Institute, Inc.

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