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iZenBridge PMI-PBA® Exam Simulator – Our PMI-PBA® exam simulator is a key to check the readiness for the exam. It is a practical examination preparation tool to remove the exam anxiety.

The iZenBridge PMI-PBA® Online Exam Simulator Includes:

This product comes with 60 days access and includes 900+ realistic, experienced-based questions which are very close to the actual exam.

  • Domain Wise Practice Questions: Simulator has practice questions for each domain i.e. Need Assessment, Planning, Analysis, Traceability and Monitoring, and Evaluation. These are random question simulation test, give you the different set of questions each time you take them.
  • Questions for Business Analysis Tools & Techniques: PMI-PBA® content outline lists many tools which the test taker should be familiar. Our simulator includes situation based questions for Tools & Techniques related to the PMI-PBA® exam.
  • Two Full-length Simulation Tests: Our simulator consists of two full-length practice test in support to check your endurance for 4-hours long exam.

The CORE Features of PMI-PBA® Exam Simulator

  • Detailed Explanation: iZenBridge PMI-PBA®exam simulator clarifies concepts behind each question. It has detailed explanation for all the questions and also offers explanation for each answer choice.
  • Access to Unlimited Technical Support: We do understand the need of continuous technical support whenever you need it. You will have unlimited access to our PMI-PBA® exclusive forum and alternate Saturday Live Clarification sessions.
  • First-Rate Questions: Our students say that our simulator questions are very close to the real exam. The certified PMI-PBA® professionals prepared these questions. And, after taking the feedback of test-takers, we continuously update the question bank.
  • In Depth Statistics: The simulator includes performance analysis section to give you a picture of how you are doing overall and what business analysis domain you need to focus for the PMI-PBA® exam.
  • Unlimited Repeats: In your active subscription period, you can retake any assessment section as often you need. It supports you to fix weak areas and expedite the preparation.

Additional Benefits: Quick Exam Refresher Videos in PMI-PBA® Online Exam Simulator

Our PMI-PBA® exam simulator has videos which are a good refresher in some of the critical exam areas.

  • Introduction: It includes the introduction of PMI-PBA® course and how to develop the study plan for the PMI-PBA® exam.
  • Business Analysis Domains: Included a High-Level view of business analysis domains. It will give an overall view of the exam across domains.
  • Business Analysis Domains: Exam Tips: We have included a section to give you PMI-PBA® exam tips for each domain.
  • Business Analysis Tools and Techniques: This section has few important videos for Business Analysis tools & techniques.
  • Tips Videos: This section gives you PMI-PBA® exam tips for each business analysis domains.
  • On-Demand Webinar: We frequently conduct on-demand webinars related Business Analysis topics. These give you pointers in the conceptual understanding of these topics.
  • Support Videos: This section has PMI-PBA® FAQ videos. It also includes a section to apply your PDU certificate. A particular chapter is added for the assistance in filling PMI-PBA® application.


Student Success Stories

I recommend participants to give assessment as many as possible as it gives the direction to think about the questions in the real time exam. Maximum questions are covered in the assessments session.



Passed successfully, thanks iZenBridge, simulation tests were very helpful and the questions similar for the structure and content to the ones of the exam. My exam focused a lot on trace-ability matrix and baseline concepts and cases, very few questions on tool/technique and pure definition.


–Lorenzo De Lorenzo

with the grace of GOD
Today 27/12/2015 I passed the PMI-PBA Certification Exam . Thanks a lot to Izenbridge Exam simulator …
and izenbridge support team and Videos


–Shajee ali khan

Thanks Seema and Saket for the outstanding support and the perfect mock exams, really appreciated, it helped me a lot in the exam.


–Ehab Shaaban


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