PMI- Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)®

PMI- Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)®

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  1. How many SEU’s I will get from PMI-ACP ?

  2. Hi Walston,

    Yes, we have online programs on Agile and Scrum. Are you looking for an introductory program? If so, I can help you with a free program on Agile and Scrum. If you are looking for advanced training on agile, we offer PMI-ACP and Agile Coaching workshop virtually.

  3. Dear Sir I need Agile training online video. Can you provide one.
    Or do you provide online training. What is the period and the cost.

  4. Hi,

    I want to go for the PMI-ACP exam, so just wanted to know about the exam a little more.
    How to prepare for the exam, whether to go for online training or classroom classes fro preparation or may be exclude both option.

    What is the cost of the certification and cost of online / classroom training.

  5. Dear Saket,
    I had completed all the Trainings through you only; Thanks for the kind help;
    Interested in having Training session for PMI – ACP online;
    Kindly provide me details for availing the same and cost;
    Mail id:

  6. Hi,
    I am planning to do PMI-ACP in the next couple of weeks, could you please drop details to my email id


  7. Dear Raja,
    Thanks for contacting us for PMP. We have shared the complete PMP course details with you.

  8. Hello,

    I would like to do PMP course along with certification, Please share details to


  9. Hey,Please tell me for which course you are looking for PDUs? Are you looking PDU to renew any PMI certification or want to earn certification?

  10. any help @saket_bansal:disqus ? or @see@seemasonkiyapmipba:disqus ?

  11. so even if i watch the free video, i can get the PDUs ?

  12. Hello, Are there any online classes available for SaFE agilist ?

  13. Hey Bacem…yes indeed iteration plan or sprint planning is more natural answer looked like but if u read the question carefully especially the final statement i.e. “which of the following artifact helps in achieving this?” then u’ll find that ‘Product Backlog’ is the appropriate answer because as per agile there are only three arifacts exist ‘Sprint backlog’, ‘Product backlog’ and ”Burn down chart.

  14. I think there are incorrect answers to the questions here. the most obvious one is question 60:To achieve collaboration between a product manager and the team, they need to speak in a common language so as to understand each other, which of the following artifact helps in achieving this?
    1. Iteration Plan
    2. The Product Backlog
    3. The Sprint Backlog
    4. Sprint Release Meeting
    The proposed answer is “The Product Backlog” whereas “iteration plan” is a more natural response.

  15. Hi,
    The process is changed we have removed the subheading.Now we send the details in the email after the purchase of the course.

  16. where can find this “LMS”

  17. Dear Giuseppe,
    In PMP as per PMBOK®, Risk response strategies are Mitigate, Transfer, Avoid and Accept
    But in agile methodologies : According to DeMarco and Lister, risks can fall into one of four response categories:

    · Avoid— Don’t do the project or part of the project that entails the risk.
    · Mitigate— Take steps before the risk materializes to reduce the eventual containment costs.
    · Contain— Set aside time and money to pay for the risk should it materialize (equivalent to the PMBOK® Guide “Plan Contingency”)
    · Evade— When you do none of the above and yet manage to get lucky(equivalent to the PMBOK® Guide “Accept”)
    For more information about these categories you can join our PMI-ACP online course.

    Hope it is clear now

  18. I was not aware about “contain” risk response strategy;
    for my knowledge they were Mitigate, Transfer, Avoid and Accept.

    Please can you be so kind to tell me where I can find information about the “contain” risk response strategy ?

  19. Jalaj, We are serving PMI-ACP at Global level. By our training experience, we believe only two days direct connect with the trainer is not sufficient. That’s why we have stopped classroom sessions from most of the places. We need to develop a partnership where the trainer is in your corner till you get certified. Our Best Forum Support System make it possible.

    I advise enrolling in the online program, we will stand fiercely by your side, as a guide to get you to your ambition. I have sent you the course details.


  20. Hi Jitendra,
    You can complete 7 hours of video watching and claim 7 PDUs for the same.

    Thanks & Regards,

  21. Watching this video would help me on earning PMP PDU?
    As watching this video will take more days,then what I need to specify about claiming PDU? please suggest

  22. Hi Team,

    Any new batch in Delhi/NCR ?

  23. Hi I enrolled in Advance Scrum Master Course (Free) course. Does it provide a certificate on completion.

    I am interested in PMI-ACP certification course. Does above course help in this?

  24. Thanks Eshwar.

  25. Saket

    I have completed my CSM Training with Certification and Planning to Carry out Safe Agilist certification Whether these will help me to get 21PDU for PMI-ACP requirement.

  26. I take back my comment after a detailed review of XP roles which has Project Manager as a role.

  27. Answers to the questions 35 and 54 seems to be wrong. XP doesn’t have a role as a ‘Project Manager’. Eshwar

  28. Hi Kate,
    The division is as follows
    Technical: 3.5, Leadership: 1.0 and Strategic : 2.5

    Thanks & Regards,

  29. Hi there, which of the three focus area of the Talent Triangle do this introductory course fall under? Best regards Kate

  30. I just responded on linkedin post. On mock tests. We as of now do not sell it alone since we find difficult to fill the gaps just by sharing the mock tests. The PMI-ACP does not have reference book like PMBOK , so we can not assume on set of content covered by all training provider, Content and approach varies a lot between providers.

  31. Hi Saket,

    I am taking your intro PMI-ACP class. I also have already taken another training course. I found your course more stimulating. I am currently looking for online practice exams. That’s how I found you int he first place. I wonder whether or not I can purchase your mock and final exam only.

    Any input is appreciated.

    Thank you,


  32. Thanks for the feedback, we have replaced 1st question with better one.

  33. Miguel, thanks for the feedback.You are right and we have replaced the 7th question with better one.

  34. Yes you are right, the D is also a myth . We need to improve this question. Thank you for feedback.

  35. Should the answer for question 1 of D?
    Agile can also works on large projects.
    There are several misconceptions that surround agile approaches. All of the below are Agile Myths except:

    A. Agile has no planning
    B. Agile has no schedule or budget control
    C. Agile recommends just in time documentation
    D. Agile only works for trivial projects

    Agile values working software more than comprehensive documentation but this doesn’t mean no documentation at all. Documentation should be written just in time and just enough.

  36. Nice questions. Thanks for sharing them. Although I don’t think it makes sense to have a question that asks what question 7 does (The Agile manifesto was authored by the founding members of…), don’t you?

  37. Agreed. Answer is correct.

  38. Please share what is your view on this, we have checked it and found this right in our test. Once we know your view we can clarify.

  39. Question 4 has incorrect answer. Please re-check

    Which of the following truly reflect one of the values from Agile Manifesto?

    1. Following a plan over responding to change

    2. Working software over processes and tools

    3. Individuals and interactions over comprehensive documentation

    4. Customer collaboration over contract negotiation

  40. Thanks Saket for answering a query.I have been watching your videos on YouTube on various topics and already impressed by your way of teaching.

  41. Certification help in packaging your profile and demonstrate what you know to the recruiter , this is how it works in most of the cases, so definitely PMI-ACP will help in increasing job prospects in agile project management area.

  42. I have a question. If a person gets PMI-ACP certification, can he get a better Job change based on this certification or the scope of this certification is just to gain and demonstrate the knowledge in Agile?

  43. Here is the response we got from PMI as of now:
    “The student can type in her own course name, even if it doesn’t appear in the dropdown results. They will receive credit. PMI knows and has known about this glitch and is working to correct it. However, they have no idea when it will be repaired, whether in a matter of hours, days, weeks or months. In the meantime, the student can input the data and will receive credit if the course is registered, as long as they have the information correct.”

  44. Yes you are right, PMI’s CCRs system is going though some issues and we have raised this issue to PMI. It may take few days before they act on it, you can track this issue here :
    Sorry for inconvenience caused.

  45. Hello,

    I just completed the “iZenBridge – PMI-ACP® Exam Introduction Program” course, however I do not see an item with the ID: IZDLPMI-ACP-04 as specified in the “Apply PDUs” section of the course anywhere in the PMI website. Neither can I find a course with using the name. I cannot see anything equivalent in the list of iZenBridge courses under the PMI site either. Could anyone help me locate this course under the PMI site?


  46. The course gives you 7 category E SEU, this category belongs to self learning. After watching you can claim yourself: Here is our forum link to guide how to claim E category SEUs:

  47. Saket,

    After completion will i get any mail from izenbridge for claiming SEU.



  48. yes, that is what completes the PDUs.

  49. Jyoti,
    Thanks for the quick response.
    I see 8 chapters, do I have to listen all of them?
    Please let me know.

  50. Yes you can apply for 7 Category A PDUs after attending these videos.

  51. Hi Rajesh,
    Click on the last subheading “LMS” to get access to the complete content.

  52. Saket,
    Can I get PDU for the above videos? are they still valid? Please let me know.

  53. I have registered for the course but unable to access any content. can anyone tell me why so?

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