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Which is SAFe leadership certification ?

The SAFe Leadership Certification, officially termed as the Leading SAFe Certification, is a distinguished program offered by the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe). It’s meticulously designed to cater to leaders and managers who aspire to comprehend the art of executing and delivering value through Agile Release Trains (ARTs), and spearheading a Lean-Agile transformation within their business environment.

This certification cultivates an understanding of the Lean-Agile mindset, elucidates its criticality in today’s rapidly evolving marketplace, and demystifies the concept of leading a Lean-Agile transformation. Furthermore, it equips attendees with practical guidelines on bolstering Agile teams and programs, empowering a Lean Portfolio, constructing a Continuous Delivery Pipeline, fostering a DevOps culture, and orchestrating large-scale solutions.

To attain this esteemed certification, aspirants are generally required to partake in a Leading SAFe training course, which culminates in a certification exam. Successful candidates are endowed with the knowledge required to effectively apply SAFe to scale Lean and Agile development in their organization, earning them the prestigious title of a certified SAFe Agilist (SA).

We organize regular Leading SAFe sessions in both live online and in-person classroom formats across numerous cities including Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Pune, and Hyderabad. For information regarding upcoming sessions, please refer to our schedule.

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