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Which is SAFe Agile Coach Certification ?

In Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) coaching as an activity is applied at various level at the same time in SAFe their is no defined role or title which is called SAFe Agile Coach. We usually see three types of coaching roles in SAFe.

  1. Leaders Coaching the team by setting examples and enabling learning, if you are manager or leader in the organization and now you wish to lead your teams into SAFe implementation, for this purpose you need to know what is SAFe in detail and for that you can do Leading SAFe with SAFe Agilist Certification
  2. Change Agents leading and facilitating the SAFe transformation by educating and enabling people in SAFe, if you wish to design and facilitate the SAFe tranformation, also want to educate people on SAFe training program and enable certification, you need to go though program called Implementing SAFe which comes with certification named SAFe Practice Consultant (SPC)
  3. Leader who is facilitating value delivery on regular basis by caoching and metroing the team on agile teams. In SAFe this role is called Release Train Engineer (RTE), this role is a delivery leadership role where the person is reasonsible for coaching and mentoring the complete agile release train to enable value delivery, for this SAFe has certification program called, SAFe Release Training Engineer (SAFe RTE).

In general we observe people start with Leading SAFe with SAFe Agilist and when they see more opportunities of leading as change agent they do Implementing SAFe with SAFe Practice Consultant (SPC). We can assist you in getting these certifications, connect with us to get specific recommendations for your needs.

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