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What recommended preparation should one do before attending the Leading SAFe Training?

Leading SAFe / SAFe Agilist Training is a comprehensive program that provides an in-depth understanding of the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe). Before attending this training, it is crucial to have a strong foundation of the framework to make the most of it. In this article, we will discuss the recommended preparation one should do before attending a Leading SAFe training class.

Firstly, it is recommended to go through the videos on the SAFe framework. The playlist offers over 50 videos that cover almost 80% of the Leading SAFe content. These videos provide a comprehensive understanding of the framework and help build a strong foundation for the training. The best part is that the videos can be consumed at one’s own pace, making it easy to understand the concepts and prepare for the class.

The second preparation step is to enroll in the class and get access to a digital workbook. This workbook is designed to familiarize the attendees with the terminology used in SAFe and helps them get ready for the certification exam. Browsing through the digital workbook before the training class can help in getting familiar with the framework and its concepts.

Additionally, for those who have more time, the official website of the SAFe framework, , offers detailed information about the framework. However, it is not recommended to visit the website before attending the class as it may confuse the attendees. It is suggested to follow the recommended preparation steps in the order discussed above to ensure a smooth and effective learning experience.

In conclusion, preparing for a Leading SAFe training class is crucial for making the most of the program. By following the recommended preparation steps of going through the videos, enrolling in the class and getting access to the digital workbook, and familiarizing oneself with the terminology, the attendees can have a strong foundation and be ready to learn and get certified.

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