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How Different is the Leading SAFe 6.0 Training from the Leading SAFe 5.1 Training?

Are you curious about the differences between the Leading SAFe 6.0 training and the Leading SAFe 5.1 training? You might be concerned about any drastic changes in the way the material is learned or presented. In this article, we will address your concerns and explore the differences between these two versions of the training.

The Differences Between Leading SAFe 6.0 and 5.1:

The changes between the Leading SAFe 6.0 and 5.1 training are minimal, with only about a 5% difference in content. The main changes can be summarized as follows:

Terminology updates: Some terms have been changed, such as “program” being replaced with “ART” (Agile Release Train). This change also affects related terms, like “Program Backlog” becoming “ART Backlog,” “Program Board” becoming “ART Planning Board,” and “Program risk” becoming “ART risk.”

Content trimming: The new 6.0 version has lighter content, with some slides removed from Lesson 1. The 5.1 version’s slides discussing the five seven business agility competencies have been removed.

Focus on lean thinking: The SAFe House of Lean, which was covered in Lesson 2 of the 5.1 version, has been retired. The 6.0 version focuses more on lean thinking principles, which were already present in the 5.1 content.

Minor additions and adjustments: The 6.0 version has a few new slides, such as one related to the Kotter’s 8-step process. Additionally, there has been some refactoring of content to make it more streamlined.

How to Upgrade to Leading SAFe 6.0 if You Completed 5.1 Training:

If you have completed the Leading SAFe 5.1 training and want to upgrade to 6.0, the process is simple. First, log in to your SAFe Studio and follow the path provided, which includes watching videos and completing quizzes. After completing these steps, your 5.1 certification will be upgraded to the 6.0 version.


The differences between the Leading SAFe 6.0 and 5.1 training are minimal, and the core concepts remain the same. If you have completed the 5.1 training, you can easily upgrade your certification to 6.0 by following the steps in your SAFe Studio. Don’t worry about missing out on essential knowledge, as the 5.1 training covers most of what you need to know about SAFe.

If you haven’t attended the Leading SAFe certification class yet, consider enrolling in one of our upcoming Leading SAFe courses to enhance your knowledge and skills further. We also conduct sessions in Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Pune and Hyderabad.

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