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Where to give PMP Certification exam in Gurgaon

The PMP certification exam in Gurgaon is administered exclusively at the following test centre:

Pearson Professional Centers-Gurugram HAR, Located on the second floor, Unit No. 214, Times Tower, M G Road, Gurgaon, Haryana 122002, India

For accurate information about the PMP exam center in Gurgaon, you can visit the PMI website at This user-friendly website provides extensive assistance in identifying the specific venue for your PMP exam in Gurgaon. Once your PMP exam application is approved, you can easily manage your exam schedule, make rescheduling arrangements, or even cancel your exam through the same web address. The PMI website simplifies the process of organizing your PMP exam experience in Gurgaon, ensuring convenience and flexibility for candidates.

Furthermore, the option of taking the PMP exam from the convenience of your own home has become exceptionally convenient. With 24/7 availability, you have the flexibility to select a time that aligns with your personal schedule. The online exam is closely monitored to uphold its integrity and adheres to the same stringent standards as the traditional test centers. For more comprehensive details regarding the procedure of taking the exam from home, visit the PMI website at Online PMP Certification | PMI. This provides you with extensive information on completing the PMP exam in the comfort of your surroundings.

If you aspire to attain the esteemed Project Management Professional (PMP) certification in Gurgaon, look no further than the iZenBridge PMP certification program. Our program is designed to deliver a holistic and efficient preparation experience, delivering top-notch course material, engaging live interactive workshops, a track record of success in the first attempts, immersive content, and expert guidance. With the guidance of seasoned mentors and access to valuable resources, we will stand by your side throughout your PMP certification journey, empowering you to navigate the path with confidence and realize your ambition of becoming a certified PMP.

In Gurgaon, we go above and beyond to support your PMP exam preparation by offering valuable free resources through iZenBridge. Dive into our extensive collection, starting with the PMP Free Practice test, designed to evaluate your preparedness with up-to-date questions from 2023 that closely mirror the actual exam. Furthermore, our repository includes 50 Agile PMP Questions tutorials, providing comprehensive explanations of vital concepts like working with requirements in Agile, value delivery, Agile Metrics, incremental delivery, and feedback. These tutorials bring clarity to these subjects and acquaint you with the types of questions commonly encountered in the PMP exam. For those who are new to Agile, these scenario-based PMP Agile questions are particularly advantageous, as they facilitate a thorough understanding of PMP Agile concepts.

Get ready to excel in the PMP exam with iZenBridge’s valuable resources and expert guidance in Gurgaon.

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