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What is the process of getting PMP Certification?

Project Management Professional (PMP) is a highly regarded certification in the field of project management. Acquiring the PMP certification involves several steps that need to be followed to successfully achieve the certification.

Step 1: Education
The first and foremost step in acquiring the PMP certification is obtaining the required education. The Project Management Institute (PMI) provides authorized training providers for project management education. This education is commonly referred to as “contact hours.” You can obtain these contact hours from PMI or other sources as long as the training matches PMI’s content and outline. A basic requirement is to obtain 25 hours of education.

Step 2: Application
Once you have obtained the required education, you can move on to the next step, which is to apply for the PMP exam. To apply, you need to demonstrate your experience and education. PMI requires that you have at least three years of experience leading and directing projects. If you are a graduate, you need to demonstrate 36 months of experience. In your application, you must also mention your education, including the 35 contact hours in project management.

Step 3: Exam Approval
After you have applied, PMI will review your application and inform you if you are approved to take the exam. If you are approved, you can then pay the exam fee and schedule the exam.

Step 4: Audit (Exception Flow)
In rare cases, around 2-3% of applications, PMI may select your application for an audit. During an audit, PMI may ask for additional details and evidence regarding your experience. However, most applicants will not face an audit.

Step 5: Preparation
In parallel to the PMP certification process, you should also prepare for the PMP exam. This preparation involves studying the content covered in your 35 contact hours and taking practice tests to build confidence for the PMP exam.

If you need assistance with the PMP certification process, enroll with us, we will take care of your education, application, and preparation, and help you schedule the exam.

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