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Should I do PMP or Agile Certification ?

The choice between obtaining a PMP (Project Management Professional) or an Agile certification hinges on several considerations, encompassing your existing role, career objectives, and the methodologies most frequently employed within your industry or firm. It’s worth noting that the PMP certification now encompasses Agile methodologies, with half of the examination focusing on Agile-based concepts.

If your responsibilities involve steering complex projects and you aspire to enhance your leadership skills in project management, a PMP certification could prove highly beneficial. Globally acknowledged, the PMP certification encompasses a comprehensive understanding of project management principles applicable across diverse industries. If your interest lies in project management roles within industries where a blend of traditional project management and Agile methods are commonplace, the PMP certification might be an optimal choice.

Conversely, if you form part of a team utilizing Agile methodologies, obtaining an Agile certification could prove more relevant. This holds particularly true if you’re operating within the tech industry or any sector necessitating a high level of adaptability and swift response. Pursuing an Agile certification could be a commendable decision if you’re targeting roles such as Scrum Master or Agile Coach. In the context of the Scrum Master role, the Certified Scrum Master certification could be a viable option, while the ICP-ACC certification could be suitable for aspiring Agile Coaches.

Our PMP Online program offers a holistic learning experience, enabling you to develop an in-depth understanding of Agile alongside preparing you for PMP certification. This program allows you to accomplish both objectives seamlessly, setting you on a path to broadening your professional competency.

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