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Should I do CSM Certification before PMP?

Obtaining a CSM (Certified Scrum Master) certification before pursuing PMP (Project Management Professional) certification isn’t a necessity. Still, it could be beneficial if it aligns with your career goals and you recognize value. Roughly eighty per cent of things learned during the CSM training could prove helpful when preparing for the PMP exam, although some adaptation would be required.
In the context of the PMP curriculum, agile approaches are employed as tools within project management frameworks. More specifically, Scrum – one among many agile approaches – is studied as a particular way of managing tasks.
It’s important to note that the PMP exam incorporates a substantial portion of agile and Scrum-related content. To accommodate this, we provide our students with instructional videos that offer a comprehensive understanding of both Agile and Scrum . This foundational knowledge is further expanded upon during our interactive live classes.

Our live classes are meticulously designed to cover every necessary topic and equip you with the knowledge required to achieve PMP certification successfully. For further details regarding our class structure and content, please check our live sessions’ specifics.

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