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Do I need to study Agile Practice Guide for PMP?

As per the PMI’s official PMP Exam Content Outline, half of the exam questions will focus on Agile and Hybrid methodologies. Consequently, PMP candidates are expected to have a robust understanding of these approaches. So, how can one develop such an understanding? Consider examining the resources at your disposal, particularly those that thoroughly cover the Agile aspect. For instance, we provide our clients with video content on Agile and Scrum, specifically designed to establish a solid foundational knowledge for the PMP exam.

However, if you lack access to comprehensive Agile resources, delving into the Scrum Guide and PMI’s Agile Practice Guide can be an excellent alternative. Developed in collaboration with the Agile Alliance, the Agile Practice Guide aims to enhance understanding of Agile methodologies and supplement information on applying Agile approaches within the broader Project Management context.

It’s worth noting that while the PMP exam is based on PMI’s Exam Content Outline, not on the Agile Practice Guide’s content, this guide can be a valuable resource for exam preparation. If you’re gearing up for the PMP exam and are curious about the type of Agile questions you might encounter, have a look at our free resource, featuring 50 questions with video explanations of Agile and Hybrid approaches, at Agile PMP Questions and Answers.

Our comprehensive PMP Program is meticulously crafted to encompass every aspect of your PMP preparation. With an extensive collection of resources including instructional videos, templates, reading material, and mock tests, we provide you with all the tools you need to succeed. Moreover, our program goes beyond exam preparation by offering practical tips to enhance your daily project management practices. If you’re aiming for PMP certification in a short timeframe, don’t hesitate to enroll with us – your journey to becoming a certified Project Management Professional starts here!

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