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Do I need to read the PMBOK Guide to pass the PMP exam?

No, the PMP exam is full of situation-based questions around topics mentioned in PMP Exam Content Outline (also known as ECO), so what you need to learn is how to execute various project management tasks/activities listed in ECO. PMBOK covers some percentage of content, but one has to mix the experience with it since PMBOK gives basic information. You can also learn these tasks from our sources, like enrolling on training which teaches project management.

Most of our clients follow our pre-recorded Videos and live sessions, followed by practice tests to get PMP certified. Our PMP program comes with PMI’s Authorized content for the PMP exam, this content is designed by PMI, and it covers 100% of the Exam Content Outline. In our experience, following the Exam Content Outline and practising questions gets you certified faster. However, memorizing the PMBOK does not ensure success in the PMP exam for two reasons; first, PMBOK does not cover 100% of Exam Content Outline, and second, the questions are based on situation, not theory.

You can get PMP Exam Content Outline here

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