Why become a Introduction to Agile and Scrum?


Introduction to Scurm for beginners




Video lectures, quizzes

Program Details

  • Agile Framework – An introduction of agile, its values , principles and relevance

  • Introduction of Scrum – Scrum , Idea behind Scum, roles, practices , artifacts and ceremonies

  • User Stories – Lesson on writing good user stories

  • Agile Estimation – What is estimation and how to do it in agile projects?

  • Value Based Prioritization – We will discuss usage of techniques like MoSCoW , Kano in product backlog prioritization

  • Agile Planning – This lesson gets in details of Release and Sprint Planning, it also gives good perspective on estimating velocity.

  • Agile Monitoring – We discuss many agile monitoring tools in this lesson , tools like Burndown Chart , Velocity Chart gets discussed at length


  • 8 SEUs (Scrum Education Units / Category B ) for your Certified Scrum Professional (CSP).

  • 30 Days Online Content access

  • Support in clearing concepts and doubts via forum

Why Introduction to Agile and Scrum with iZenbridge

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