PMP Integrated Change Control

Integrated Change Control – Sequence of Change Request

I receive lots of queries on the Sequence of Change Request by PMP® aspirants. This blog is a step towards addressing queries related to – Integrated Change Control and Sequence of Change Request. A formal integrated change control starts with a change request. So, let’s begin by answering the question – What is a change request in project management? As per PMBOK® Guide Sixth Edition, Change Request is a formal proposal to modify a document, deliverable or baseline We can say…

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PMP Iterative and adaptive Life Cycle

Project Management Life Cycle-Iterative & Adaptive

All projects across industries follow a life cycle approach. Often I have seen there are so many questions in mind for many PMP® aspirants on different types of life cycles. Why do we need anything other than predictive life cycle, which goes quite sequential and looks perfect? What are these buzz words, i.e., iterative & adaptive? What these new life cycles do differently? Let’s clarify all these doubts in this blog and be ready to answer all the questions revolving…

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Work Performance Data, Work Performance Information, and Work Performance Reports

If I have to choose one topic which creates maximum buzz in the project management community, I will go with Work performance data and work performance reports. Sometime, the confusion arises while trying to understand WPR and WPI from the PMBOK6 definition. Follow this discussion here – You can follow this discussion here Sometime, the confusion arises while decoding the questions based on WPR and WPI Follow this discussion here By the end of this blog, you will have a…

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PMP Study Plan

3 Steps Foolproof PMP® Study Plan

Before I give you my 3 steps foolproof PMP® study plan, it is important to understand why we need it in the first place. I have been receiving questions related to PMP® study plan from a long time now. Sometimes, people who have already cleared their PMP® and are an active practitioner comes up with the suggestions of the PMP® study plan based on their experiences. Here, it is very important to understand that any one plan can be suitable for one person and this…

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Applying Project Management Concepts in Real-life Projects

Project management concepts are well documented and widely implemented across industries. Most of us are familiar with key project management concepts and have implemented it time and again in our projects. The same is true with me as I have implemented and been teaching project management for many years now. However, some of my conversations with managers of complex projects across industries help me realize the versatility of these concepts and its implementability across various project complexity levels. One of…

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