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What Is Float And How To Calculate Total & Free Float?

Project’s goals can become heavyweights if we don’t have the flexibility to execute intuitive changes. We need the freedom to make choices.  Project Float and Free Float analysis are one of the sources to make choices in the project. We use term float to express flexibility.  This flexibility can be at the project level or the activity level. During my coaching sessions, I observe a lot of confusion about different types of floats which can exist in a schedule network…

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Free Webinar : Critical Path Analysis for PMP® Exam

iZenBridge conducted a free webinar this weekend for Delhi/NCR candidates. We started sharp at 8:30 with a brief intro by Saket Bansal. We shared our future Webex initiative with the participating professionals. Thenceforth I begin my webinar session Critical Path Analysis. This is one of the most crucial topics and is important during the journey of project management. I could already sense the interest and concentration of the participants so without delaying any further begin thus. The two common contradictions…

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