Fast Tracking Vs Crashing

difference between fast tracking and crashing

What is Fast Tracking and Crashing?

Fast-tracking and crashing are techniques without which a project manager can’t survive. I know many of Project managers out there reading this blog will agree with me. These are schedule compression techniques, and we are not supposed to used commonly. But, these are very common in real life.  There are many driving forces which need compressing the schedule. Many times business reasons encourage to use them. Or, sometimes projects managers have pressures from business stakeholders. So for both practical usages…

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Difference between resource levelling and resource smoothing

Underlining the differences between Resource Leveling and Resource Smoothing?

Under the Project Schedule management knowledge area, there is a specific process called Develop Project schedule. Under this process, we have Resource Optimization Techniques and these are Resource Levelling and Resource Smoothing. In this blog, I am addressing differences between Resource Levelling and Resource Smoothing. Now, as both of these techniques are resource optimization techniques so their primary focus is to allocate resources in such a way to bring maximum output effectively. Due to this reason, Project Management Professional (PMP)® Certification test-takers generally…

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