Introduction to Agile & Scrum – Online Program

This program gives you opportunity to explore agile and scrum at your own place and pace, It an online program which gives you access to rich video content of agile and scrum.


  • 8 SEUs (Scrum Education Units / Category B ) for your Certified Scrum Professional (CSP).
  • 30 Days Online Content access.
  • Support in clearing concepts and doubts via forum

Program Details

  • Agile Framework – An introduction of agile, its values , principles and relevance
  • Introduction of Scrum – Scrum , Idea behind Scum, roles, practices , artifacts and ceremonies.
  • User Stories – Lesson on writing good user stories
  • Agile Estimation – What is estimation and how to do it in agile projects?
  • Value Based Prioritization – We will discuss usage of techniques like MoSCoW , Kano in product backlog prioritization
  • Agile Planning – This lesson gets in details of Release and Sprint Planning, it also gives good perspective on estimating velocity.
  • Agile Monitoring – We discuss many agile monitoring tools in this lesson , tools like Burndown Chart , Velocity Chart gets discussed at length

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Introduction to Agile & Scrum
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