PMP® Online Extension

PMP® Online Extension is valid only for our registered users (existing students)

Is your PMP® online subscription nearing expiry date?

Do not worry our PMP® extension option allows you to extend the program for another 120 days at nominal charges.
Once you make the payment, our support staff will extend your program duration.


A:Yes, Program extension provides access to full e-learning package.

A: No, Program extension can be availed for full e-learning package, not on any specific module or on partial options. The program can be extended for 120 days we do not have any feature for doing extension for less or more duration.

A: We appreciate if the students get the extension within the validity of their access. After expiration of the e-learning access, students need to buy the extension within 10 days. Post 10 day gap, we will not be able to get you the extension in the nominal fees.

A:The allowable gap between the expiration of the e-learning access and renewal is 10 days. Post 10 days students need to pay full course fee for online course again.

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