Q. Do you provide certificate for 21 Contact / 35 Contact Hours ? And is this certificate acceptable by PMI®?
A.Yes, we do provide course completion certificate or 21 PDUs in PDF format, after completion of course and assessment test. And these PDUs are well recognized by PMI®.

Q.How do you know that I have spent 21 / 35 Hours learning online?
A.We keep a login wise record of number of hours spent by our online students.

Q. What is the end of course assessment test? Do you have any pass marks?
A.The purpose of assessment test is not ‘Pass or Fail’ but to assess preparation of our students and identify any area of improvement. Assessment test is requirement of PMI® to mark completion of contact hours course.

Q.How do I contact faculty?
A.Our faculty can be contacted via emails, phone and we are available on skype as well.

Q.What do I have to do if I want to extent the online program for one more month?
A.You can visit our website and buy the extension for the online program. Your training program will be continued for the extension period and all your previous assessment will be carried forward.

Q.When I extend the program for one month do I get my old results or performance records?
A.Yes, you will get your previous assessment results. The extension is continuation of your training program for more duration.

Q. I cannot see my tests which I have taken?
A.The default view of site filters the tests which you have attempted in the past. You need to click filter radio button to view these tests.

Q.Where and how can I access the e-learning content? Are there any limitations?
A.You can view e-learning content using internet browser.

Q.How should I make the payment and what are the modes of payment available? Do I get a receipt or confirmation for the same?
A.In case you are in India, online payment can be made using Netbanking, Debit card / VISA / MASTERCARD/ VISA-ELECTRON/ AMERICAN EXCESS cards .International students can make payment using paypal and credit card.

Q. Does the course fee include the examination fee as well?
A.No, course fee does not include exam fee.

Q.Am I going to get the course completion certificate online or by post to my home country? Will there be any additional charge for getting the certificate by post?
A.We will send you the course completion certificate issued by izenbridge as PDF file via email. We do not provide hard copy for online program.

Q.Can I get some sample chapter content before I join online course?
A.Yes, we can share sample chapters, look at program page to find sample lessons.

Q.What is response time for my query from online course?
A.All queries are replied within 24 hours.


Q. Do I need to have any work experience with scrum before I register for PMI-ACP®?
A.No, it is not mandatory to have any scrum experience prior PMI-ACP® certification. For a person planning to appear for PMI-ACP® certification, PMI® expects prior experience of minimum 8 months in team following any agile methodology, it may be scrum (as scrum is a one of agile methodology) or any other company defined agile methodology.

Q.Who should apply for the PMI-ACP® credential?
A. PMI-ACP® is not role specific certification. It can help all team members from software engineer to project manager who have to follow agile practices, tools, techniques or methodologies and want to enhance their efficiency and skills in agile.

Q. Do we have one book for PMI-ACP® like PMBOK® Guide for PMP®?
A.No, there is no specific one book for preparation of PMI-ACP® certification. PMI® has recommended set of 11 books for preparing PMI-ACP® certification and any one book from these can be used for preparation.

Q.Is PMI-ACP® same like CSM ?
A.No, PMI-ACP® is broader and rigor than CSM. As discussed in various forums, CSM is role based and PMI-ACP® provide knowledge about agile at all levels in the team.

Q.Which certification I should select PMP® or PMI-ACP® ?
A.PMP is more project management specific certification and PMI-ACP® is focused on agile methodology and not role specific. For more clarity please see http://www.izenbridge.com/pmp-or-pmi/.

Q.How much time does it take to prepare for PMI-ACP® ?
A.There is no specific time limit that can be defined for PMI-ACP® preparations. It is all depends on the efforts and time devoted for the preparation by the student. In general if you put 10-20 hours a week, the preparations may be done in 3-6 weeks.

Q.Can you guarantee that I will pass the exam?
A.Yes up to certain extend. We are confident that our training programs prepare our students for full success. We even refund 100% fee if case our classroom student fails the exam.

Q.Do I need to read 11 books recommended by PMI® ?
A.Not necessarily, following any one preparation book along with training material provided by us is sufficient for the exam preparation. In case of any gaps / weak areas identified, we may recommend some further reading.

Q.Do you provide me the required study materials ?
A.Yes we do provide good amount of study materiel in electronic format for exam preparation.

Q. Do you provide practice tests ?
A.Yes, our classroom training students have free one month access of our online practice test product. The duration for access of these practice tests can be extended by paying nominal fees.

Q.What can I do when I find some topics not comprehensible even after going through lesson ?
A.You can contact our faculty, we will take full accountability to clarify your queries or make all concepts clear.

Q.Can I get some reference who have cleared exam after joining izenbridge ?
A.Yes, we would be happy to connect you with our students. You can join our linkedin group and meet many of our current and past students. http://goo.gl/GVRywo

You can visit our trainers’ profiles on linkedin as well and view recommendations from our students who have already cleared the exams.

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