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Scrum masters are the cheerleaders of IT industry, they bind the scrum team together, ensure a smooth delivery of the projects, ensuring the self organization and growth of each individual in the team. Scrum is not a development methodology, it’s a new way of life which makes the work engaging and fun and scrum masters have a critical role to play.

Why Scrum Master Certification?

The Scrum Master Certificate by Scrum Alliance helps you validate your credentials. This is a certificate of international repute, .4+ Million Agile and Scrum Professionals already hold the CSM Certificate. It sets you apart from the peers, opens the door of opportunity in the world of Scrum.

Learning Objectives –

The CSM training is based on the Scrum Guide, which is the founding document of Scrum. You can download the learning objectives for your ready reference.

Why CSM Training With iZenbridge?

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Our two days Certified Scrum Master training in Hyderabad walks you through practical aspects of scrum as per the essence of Scrum Methodology.


Your journey to becoming a certified scrum master starts much before the class with our online program, here is what you get

  1. With 55 video lectures, simulations, quizzes and class note, this is the comprehensive program for Scrum Master Certification. Its worldwide best seller program for scrum masters at $77, we provide it absolutely free to participants of our CSM training.
  2. Program on Agile Mindset – A unique 5-hour Video program to help you understand the Agile Principle and mindset. You will get lifetime access to this content.
  3. Kanban for Software development – Entreprises are using Kanban and Scrum both and as Scrumban for product development. This comprehensive $49 Program helps you start implementing Kanban at a team level.
  4. You get 22 SEUs as compared to 14/16 you get from other vendors.
  5. Your class is much more engaging as compared to other participants; our students often score 95%+ in their CSM exam.
  6. You have a practical understanding of implementing scrum in your project from the day one.


What You Will Get?

  • You will receive 30 SEUs/PDUs (16 from 2 days of class and 14 from online program)
  • A CSM Certificate with distinction after successfully clearing the exam.
  • Membership of Scrum Alliance for two years.
  • Life-time Membership of Discuss Agile Platform.
  • This training is based on scrum guide for more detail refer to Content Outline

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iZenbridge in Hyderabad

Hyderabad is a hub of IT majors; multinational companies from around the world are seeking Certified Scrum Masters to lead their innovative projects. We help you stand out in the 20000+CSM crowd with help of additional knowledge, continuous support and advance journey in Scrum.

Your Journey beyond CSM training and our support – 

CSM Certificate is beginning of your Scrum Journey. Most CSM Training provider will leave you there. We at iZenbridge understand that 2 day of a scrum class is only a good starting point. A Scrum master needs a continuous learning and grooming, we help you achieve the same by a long term association.

  • We offer the comprehensive online program on Scrum fundamentals at your disposal for 60 days.
  • Keep Learning Scrum with our free programs and earn Scrum education Units.
  • Our Scrum User group is the active-most around the globe.
  • Enriching scrum experience beyond and after the training.
  • Network with scrum community with our webinars, Scrum User Group, Blogs, networking events.
  • Support in Personal branding and networking for Scrum Masters.
  • Continuous learning to enhance your Scrum Knowledge and Understanding.
May 13, 2017
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