I have nothing against the PMP® trainers. Trust me, there are so many great trainers and faculties worldwide teaching project management, I have an earnest respect for their knowledge and teaching style.

The real problem lies somewhere else; it’s in the format of PMP® Bootcamp or 36 hours class. Read further to understand what I mean.

I started as a PMP® trainer some four years ago. I love teaching PMP® and its very close to my heart. I have taken a lot of PMP® boot-camps/classes before venturing into an online program. Here are some reasons for my disillusion for offline class.

  • Four-day boot-camp class was tiring –
    One of the objectives of PMP® boot-camp is to complete 36 hours of training. If you have attended any full day training in recent time, you will be able to understand the ordeal of a participant who has to go through 36 hours of continuous training. Despite his best efforts even the best trainer in the world would find it difficult to engage a participant for this long and that also on a topic like project management.
  • Participants suffer from information overload –
    In case you think PMBOK is boring or hard to grasp, you are not alone, 90% of PMI aspirant have similar feelings after reading first few chapters. What looks easy in class may start sounding alien when you try to attempt the scenario based questions. Though, I always had an engaging class, a proof of which was my 4.8+ rating out of 5 which I constantly maintained and an enriching feedback was also testimony to this fact, even after delivering a wonderful boot-camp experience, what I found was staggering, almost 50% of my participants from first TEN CLASSES had never taken the PMP® exam. When I decided to follow up with them and motivate them to clear this important milestone of their career, it simply didn’t work.

Some of the common observations were –

  • PMP® content is magnanimous. Participants were able to connect with it, but they got stuck in real-life scenario questions later on.
  • The offline mock tests were not effective at finding weak areas or guiding in right direction.
  • The study material provided in the class was not proving enough. Giving more study material was never a solution.
  • Most people lost interest because they did not have a study plan
  • Every time they plan to study, something else comes up, and PMP® takes a back seat.
  • For the lack of clear visibility about their preparation, many people were not able to take a confident leap.
  • Most often it was the fear of failure which was stopping participants from taking a PMP® exam.
  • Not able to stay connected to fellow participants – No group study possible because of distance and absence of common study time.

Despite all this people had a preference for classroom. When I discussed this with participants here are few points that clearly emerged. People loved classroom training because it gave them interaction; they could see the trainer, it was human to human connect, the trainer was approachable.

My Search for Online programs for PMP®

I did a lot of research to find suitable online options to my classroom participants who can fulfill their needs. The objective was to search and suggest an online program which can help our boot camp participants practice for PMP® exam and get PMP® certified without much delay or extra effort.

We tried multiple online simulations, but it didn’t really help.

An Online classroom training –

This is what I like to call our online program. When I interacted with my classroom participants, one thing came up consistently. People didn’t like online program which was recorded in PPT and voiceover format. We needed something which is different.

How do we address the objections –

  • A classroom style online program
    Perhaps, I was the first one to introduce classroom style videos. I teach on a whiteboard like I used to do in a regular class and I record my training video. This format was an instant hit; I keep posting my free videos on Youtube channel. Our most popular PMP® video has crossed 100k views, and we have gained 10k plus subscribers. This number is great considering the niche community of project managers.
  • Customized study plan for each participant
    Yes, we work with each participant, understand their schedule and prepare a study plan which they can follow. Based on our experience, this is the most important step in their PMP® journey.
  • Always accessible program
    When I decided to post my entire program on Youtube, the question of getting it pirated was always a concern. Despite everything I chose to do so because YouTube has a great accessibility.
  • Support in applying for PMP® exam and audit
    A PMP® Aspirant spend significant time in filling up PMI application, its little complicated segregating your experience according to PMI knowledge area and process groups even for participants with 10+ years of experience. As part of our support system, participants get a sample PMP® application; trainers can review the individual application, and we support them throughout in case the application is selected for an audit.
  • Doubt clearing sessions and online community support
    Studying in the group and addressing doubts is an important aspect for PMP®. We organize a doubt clearing session every alternate Saturday via a webinar.
    Besides this, our Forum is buzzing with lots of discussions, real success stories, doubts, questions about various PMP® concepts. It also helps me stay connected to
  • 120 days continuous support
    It sounds counterintuitive when we offer a study plan of 45 days and give online access up to 120 days. PMP® exam on an average requires 120-150 hours of focused study for participants who have less than ten years of project management experience. We give 120 days access to make you life easy, even if you manage to take out an hour a day on average, you still manage to study well and get certified.

    Explore Our PMP® Online Program

Our program works even if you have taken the boot-camp training
Yes, Even after attending a four days class or having 36 contact hours, you need a program which can take you step by step on a PMP® Journey, that’s where our online program comes handy. We intentionally kept the prices low to make it accessible to everyone. Our aim to help you take a significant leap without putting a dent in your pocket.

Does this program offer 100% pass guarantee?
Not really. No trainer in the world can offer 100% success guarantee. PMP® is a scenario-based exam, it’s like doing a project, you need to grasp all the concepts and develop an ability to apply them in real life scenarios. It takes time and maturity from participant to do so.

We make it easy to understand PMP® concepts, and that itself is a guarantee for success. We focus on making you a better project manager and PMP® certificate is a by-product.

What’s our guarantee, then?
Our guarantee is to keep you motivated for your study. Our guarantee is to deliver what we promised above. Our guarantee is to offer you a true picture of where you stand regarding PMP® preparation. Go through these real success stories from our participants to understand what we offer and how this can help you. Afterall, a feedback from the real user is more important than 1000+ words I have written above.

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