Project Time Management

Fast tacking and crashing

What is Fast Tracking and Crashing?

Fast tracking and crashing are techniques without which a project manager can’t survive. I know many of Project managers out there reading this blog will agree with me. Even though these are schedule compression techniques which are not supposed to be used commonly, it’s very common in real life. So for both practical usages as well as for clearing PMP® aspirant’s doubts around these techniques, I am penning down this blog. Let’s look in to the details of these techniques.…

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PMP Lead and Lag

What is Lead and Lag?

In so many recent discussions I realised that even though Lead and Lag are easy concepts confusion around what is lead and lag exists with many of PMP® aspirants. Especially when we use these two dependencies in network diagrams and even more when these are associated with different types of relationships. Let’s try to understand today these two techniques inside out and resolve all so-called confusions revolving around this. What is Lag? As per PMBOK® Guide Sixth Edition “The amount of…

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What Is Float And How To Calculate Total & Free Float?

Project’s goals can become heavyweights if we don’t have the flexibility to execute intuitive changes. We need the freedom to make choices.  Project Float and Free Float analysis are one of the sources to make choices in the project. We use term float to express flexibility.  This flexibility can be at the project level or the activity level. During my coaching sessions, I observe a lot of confusion about different types of floats which can exist in a schedule network…

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PMP Precedence Diagram Method

4 Types of logical Relationships or Dependencies in a Project Schedule

In my PMP® sessions, I observed many get confused in Precedence Diagramming Method relationship types.  They find Finish to start (FS) relationship more natural to understand and practice. But, the other three confuses them somehow. Also, the most obvious question is – how do you show dependencies in a project plan?  The answer lies in understanding of Precedence Diagramming Method (PDM): Precedence Diagramming Method is one of the Project Schedule Network Diagram. And the, Project Schedule Network Diagram is the…

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Comparison between Early Start as 0 Or 1 in Network Diagram

In the process of creation of Network diagram, several books and reference material talks about various ways to calculate Early Start (ES) for activity node, like some suggest to start ES of the first activity with 0 and others suggest it to start with 1. This tends to create confusion among the students preparing for PMP® certification. For instance, in PMBOK® Guide Sixth Edition (p. 177, Fig 6-18) the network diagram is drawn with 1 as ES for the first…

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