Project Quality Management

PMP Exam Change 2021

Project Management Professional (PMP)® Exam Aspirant’s Definitive Guide to PMP® Exam Changes 2021

In June 2019, PMI Certification has released a new PMP® certification content outline. Based on this exam content outline, exam pattern will change by Jan 2021. It is an effort to equip project managers with today's modern project environment. So, now the question is what modern project management is? Based on research by PMI, the following are some highlights to see how project management profession has progressed: 1. Project Manager as a Coach Project Practitioner keeps observing the importance of empathy…
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use of histogram in quality control

Histogram as a Component of Seven Basic Quality Tool

Having been in the project management, training and coaching for over last many years, I witnessed that- The histogram is one of the powerful Quality planning and control tool to understand preventive and corrective actions. In a given situation, it shows the different causes of problems.  It reflects these frequencies in tabulated adjacent rectangles. The height of the bar or adjacent rectangles analysed further to discover corrective or preventive actions. As per the PMBOK® Guide Histogram is Define as  A specific…
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Top Pmp interview questions

PMP®Exam interview Questions

Domain Based What is a baseline, how is it use while creating project management plan? What are organizational influences? Explain with examples What is a project charter? Is project manager involved in the creation of a project charter? What is a project, how is it different from a program, and a portfolio? How many knowledge Areas are there in Project Management. Do you use all in your projects? What are project management methodologies? Which one did you used in your…

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Control Chart as a Component of Seven Basic Quality Tool

A control chart is a mechanism to understand process behavior, predictability, and stability over time. We do know that any process has a certain amount of natural variability. But, how can we tell if the process’s variability has gone “out of control”? A control chart is a tool used in “Quality Control” for inferring an unplanned change has taken place in a process.  A process continuous variable X measures it. Example process variable could be but not limited to, like…

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PMP Scatter Diagram

Scatter Diagram: Scatter Plot and its Development

Scatter Diagram or correlation diagram is a tool to describe changes in a dependent variable in relation to any change in the independent variable. PMBOK® Guide Scatter Diagram as: “A correlation chart that uses a regression line to explain or to predict how the change in an independent variable will change a dependent variable.” This is basically an analysis of influence that comes from an independent variable to the corresponding dependent variable, and if there is a correlation whether positive…
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