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PMP Exam Aspirant

Project Management Professional (PMP)® Exam Aspirant’s Definitive Guide to PMP® Exam Changes 2019

In June 2019, PMI Certification has released a new PMP® certification content outline. It is an effort to equip project managers with today’s modern project environment. So, now the question is what modern project management is? Based on research by PMI, the following are some highlights to see how project management profession has progressed: 1. Project Manager as a Coach Project Practitioner keeps observing the importance of empathy and care. Now, they less tell people what to do. They invest in…

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Top Pmp interview questions

PMP®Exam interview Questions

Domain Based What is a baseline, how is it use while creating project management plan? What are organizational influences? Explain with examples What is a project charter? Is project manager involved in the creation of a project charter? What is a project, how is it different from a program, and a portfolio? How many knowledge Areas are there in Project Management. Do you use all in your projects? What are project management methodologies? Which one did you used in your…

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Which Certification to go for – CSM or PMP® Certification?

I receive numerous questions on topics related to Agile, Scrum and project management that I respond through emails. There was this one question, which astounded me. The question was – “Should I go for CSM or PMP® certification?” I started wondering as to why one would ask this question. The reason being both CSM and PMP® certification are very different certifications for varied purposes. So, why would this kind of question pop up in anyone’s mind? Although my initial reaction…

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PMP® Examination Tips

10 Practical tips that will help in your Project Management Professional (PMP)® Exam Preparation

We have had a series of blogs that were based on discussions with some of the renowned practitioners on various topics related to Scrum and Agile. In this series of blogs based on discussions, we wanted to cover one of the key topics that is probably on top of the list for most of the PMP® certification aspirants. Yes! In this blog, we will cover some of the handy exam preparation tips provided by Saket during his conversation with Ankur…

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What’s New in PMBOK® Guide Sixth Edition

The PMBOK® Guide Sixth Edition has been released by PMI on 6th September 2017. The latest edition has introduced with new changes for PMP® aspirants. If you are a project management professional, you will be curious to understand the trends and direction of project management domain. I keep getting calls from participants of our PMP® online program inquiring about the PMBOK® Guide changes and how it will impact their preparation. The regular update in PMBOK® Guide ensures that the PMI processes and…

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