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vision mission and objectives of companies

Vision, Mission, Objectives, Strategies and Tactics

Each organization needs a clear vision, mission, goals, objectives, and long-term strategies to make their business a movement. These statements help in outlining the organization’s future. Also, create a mental image of the organization. But many professionals use these terms interchangeably. They mixed up meanings and create confusion. In this blog, I will discuss to burst the differences between these terms. Vision, Mission, Objectives, Strategies, and Tactics – These are 5 statements which form the two aspects of the business-…

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PMI-PBA Pestel Analysis

PESTLE Analysis – External Business Environment

Every company has a vision that helps them to rise into an obsession and make a business a movement. And, the company's strategies are powerful forces to achieve this vision. Also, we know business changes are inevitable.  These Business changes may occur both in the internal and external business environment. Now the question is - what is needed to address these business changes? Keep refining business strategies. And, ridiculously fit fast to achieve the company vision. Here, the next question…
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Cause & Effect Diagram

Cause and Effect Diagram- Fishbone Diagram Analysis

Cause and Effect diagram also known as Ishikawa Diagram (on the name of the founder) or Fish Bone Diagram as the diagram resembles a skeleton of a fish. As per the PMBOK® Guide   Cause and Effect Diagram can be define as; A Demonstration technique that helps trace an undesirable effect back to the root cause. We need tools to prevent and solve problems; emphasis is given to the root of any problem so that problems would never occur (preventive approach)…
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