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how to build career in agile and scrum post certified scrum master

How to build a career in agile and scrum post certified scrum master 

Now, you have successfully completed Certified Scrum master classroom training. Two days of classroom training is sufficient to become familiar with Scrum and Agile framework. Further, you are looking to enhance your career as an Agile Leader. This blog is in the context of the prospects after the Certified Scrum Master. These certifications will help you to enhance your professional growth and learning. Why further Agile certifications are important after CSM? Certified Scrum Master is a basic certification to enter…
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The Many Facets of Agile Coach

We all have encountered a coach of some sort in our lives. Who is a coach and what are those striking qualities that we often associate with a coach? A coach is someone who is regarded as a subject matter expert, a mentor, an advisor, a facilitator, a counselor, a change agent and many more. As you may have noticed, a great coach wears more than one hat. This holds good for an Agile coach too. In order to understand…

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Understanding ‘Certified Agile Team Facilitator (ICP-ATF)’ Program

In the team's agile journey via Scrum, the Scrum Master plays a key role - it can pull-up or pull-down the entire team's efforts. Picking a suitable candidate for the Scrum Master role is only half the job done. The other (more important) half is to ensure Scrum Master gains the right mindset and the relevant skills. What kind of Mindset does the Scrum Master need? Scrum Master needs a different mindset than that of a traditional project manager. She…
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