Our beloved Scrum Master died, here are his last words

Most people kill themselves because of a mental condition. This is true in my case too. The condition I suffer from is that I am not normal; I am not like every one of you “sane” people. I still remember the happy days when I used to code. Those ecstatic moments after solving complex algorithm are still fresh. I used …

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Still Confused Which Agile Certification To Choose?

On an average 67% professionals, have worked on four Agile projects in a year, according to the 2015 state of Scrum Survey Report conducted by Scrum Alliance. Apparently, the world is moving in successfully applying the most popular Agile approaches to their projects. And to answer the demand, there is a range of Agile frameworks and methods topped by respected …

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Acceptance Criteria and the Definition of Done

In my recent interaction, I realize professional’s gets confused about the difference between Acceptance Criteria and the Definition of Done. One interesting conversation happened in my last CSM training in Bangalore, and this is how it went. Question: When can we mark the product backlog item complete? My Answer: When it meets the “Definition of Done” Question: I thought it was …

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Four New Things in SAFe 4.0

Earlier this year we witnessed the release of new version of Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) version 4.0, many of our clients started asking what is new in this version? Scaled Agile Framework  Website has many resources explaining version 4 and its differences from the previous version. In this article, I am sharing the four areas which I noticed after teaching …

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Kanban can fix the ‘Waterfall Bug’ in your Scrum!

At a first glance, kanban may look nothing more than a simple method to visualize work in progress, but by treating it as ‘just a visual board’ the team might be missing out on the real power of kanban. So, whatis the real power of kanban? And, what is that ‘waterfall bug’ in Scrum? Let’s try to understand the ‘waterfall …

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Kanban, it’s principles and how to get started!

What is Kanban? Kanban is a new technique for managing a software development process in a highly efficient way. Kanban underpins Toyota’s “just-in-time” (JIT) production system. Although producing software is a creative activity and therefore different to mass-producing cars, the underlying mechanism for managing the production line can still be applied. A software development process can be thought of as …

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