Agile Marketing


Customer Centricity

Most of the time we hear that Customer Centricity is the key to increase the customer value and our company’s profitability in the long run. But, do we know what Customer Centricity exactly means? Customer-Centricity is a mindset, a way of thinking, and having a desire of knowing more and more about the customers. The companies that follow the customer-centric strategy try to think and feel like customers. This mindset encourages organizations in making decisions based on their impact on…

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how to be successful with agile


A Simple User Story As an Agile evangelist with over 13 years of overall rich software industry experience I often come across this question of Agile Vs Waterfall. Questions range from why agile to why not waterfall and everything in between. Today, I wanted to pen down my thoughts that I think will help everyone to try and shun this debate and instead try and focus on getting success with either Agile or waterfall based on the situational awareness as…

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Emotional Intelligence: A Key Success Factor for Agile Teams

I have been writing about many aspects of Agile coaching in the past. Through this blog, I would like to share my views about one of the very interesting elements that is required for successful implementation of Agile programs. I would like to discuss Emotional Intelligence (EI) in an Agile context and its significance in driving successful outcomes. EI is a soft skill that confers significant benefits to organizations by positively influencing team performance. Gone are the days when individuals…

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Agile Approach for an Outsourcing Environment

Agile approach to software development is well known amongst many organizations. Nevertheless, we need to be cognizant of the differences in the adoption of Agile amongst various types of organizations. Broadly, we can consider two types of organizations that operate in today’s world – i) product based company and ii) service company. Agile for Product Companies We often hear of Agile being implemented within the in-house teams of product based companies. One of the key factors driving Agile adoption amongst…

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The Many Facets of Agile Coach

We all have encountered a coach of some sort in our lives. Who is a coach and what are those striking qualities that we often associate with a coach? A coach is someone who is regarded as a subject matter expert, a mentor, an advisor, a facilitator, a counselor, a change agent and many more. As you may have noticed, a great coach wears more than one hat. This holds good for an Agile coach too. In order to understand…

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