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Mind Games – What has Team Coaching got to do with this?

Corporate Mind Games have become an important topic of research and consideration in today’s dynamic world. More and more organizations, particularly the multinationals are investing heavily to understand the behavior of employees and teams. Why is this so important? This is because, mind games create certain patterns of behavior that people get trapped into, which may influence their productivity performance as an individual and as a team member. It is critical for everyone to gain awareness into such mind games…

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Powerful Questions to Enable Thinking

Many of us wear the hat of a coach in our daily lives - be it at work or home. The secret to being a good coach is not in having ready solutions for problems you are being approached for. Rather it is really in influencing others in finding their own solutions. This can be achieved primarily by getting them “Thinking” by asking influential and powerful questions. These questions could get people get answers to those questions that usually they…
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Leader as Coach

The Leader as Coach

Do you know when to coach or mentor? Do you know how to use coaching skills to improve leadership skills? Let’s find out how. We all work with leaders. We all have problems and as subordinates end up going to our leader for a resolution. Here are five typical responses from leaders: Drama: Here the leader talks about the past (‘’you should have…”) and doesn’t really help you solve the current problem. Yelling may or may not be involved. Telling:…

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A Dialogue with Shane Hastie on Agile Coaching

In our quest to learn and help you learn on various aspects of Agile and Scrum, we have been reaching out to some of the renowned industry experts in this field. As a part of this, we had a conversation with Shane Hastie on Agile coaching. Based in New Zealand, Shane works as the Director of Agile Learning program at ICAgile. Here’s a scoop of our conversation with Shane. What is the role of an Agile coach? And what does…

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In Conversation with Vivek Angiras on Agile and Scrum

As Agile professionals all of us like to share our experiences and also hear from other practitioners. Particularly, it is interesting to hear from practitioners across the globe and learn from their experiences. As a part of this quest, interviewed a leading Agile coach from the US. We spoke to Vivek Angiras to get a scoop on his experience as an Agile coach. Vivek is a leading Agile coach from Washington DC and has been practicing as a coach for…

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