Sanjay Kumar

in the middle of the iteration how should a team handle requirement changes from the customer

Should We or Shouldn’t We – Accept requirement changes within a Sprint?

In the agile world, it is one of the frequently asked questions – Do we accept changes within a sprint, or not? Many teams often get confused how to handle requirement changes in middle of iteration? If we do, won’t it disrupt our sprint plan that is in progress? And, if we don’t, would we be less of an ‘agile’ team? The responses from most Scrum practitioners generally fall somewhere between these two extremes: We should freeze the scope for…
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Understanding ‘Certified Agile Team Facilitator (ICP-ATF)’ Program

In the team's agile journey via Scrum, the Scrum Master plays a key role - it can pull-up or pull-down the entire team's efforts. Picking a suitable candidate for the Scrum Master role is only half the job done. The other (more important) half is to ensure Scrum Master gains the right mindset and the relevant skills. What kind of Mindset does the Scrum Master need? Scrum Master needs a different mindset than that of a traditional project manager. She…
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Understanding KU Kanban Certifications

Why Kanban Method? The essence of Kanban is - "start where you are", and start with "small pragmatic actionable steps" that you can start implementing next Monday! No need to define new roles, no need to change team structure, no need for any drastic changes in the way you develop products or deliver services. In short, Kanban favours an evolutionary change approach rather than a big-bang, disruptive change. Pioneered by David Anderson, the “Kanban Method” is much more than just…
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kanban board view

What is Kanban – A Card, Board, System or a Method?

Kanban is often a vaguely understood term. Two professionals talking about Kanban usually have a different level of understanding about it, despite both deriving good practical value from their knowledge. Let’s take a closer look at the different meanings of Kanban – from the very basic to the most powerful. So, what is Kanban – a card, a board, a system or a method? The short answer is – Kanban is all of them. The word ‘Kanban’ has its origin…
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Kanban Board

Kanban can fix the ‘Waterfall Bug’ in your Scrum!

At a first glance, kanban may look nothing more than a simple method to visualize work in progress, but by treating it as ‘just a visual board’ the team might be missing out on the real power of kanban. So, whatis the real power of kanban? And, what is that ‘waterfall bug’ in Scrum? Let’s try to understand the ‘waterfall bug’ first and let’s take a common example – a team, proficient enough in technology, has just moved to Scrum.…
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