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Top Pmp interview questions

PMP®Exam interview Questions

Domain Based What is a baseline, how is it use while creating project management plan? What are organizational influences? Explain with examples What is a project charter? Is project manager involved in the creation of a project charter? What is a project, how is it different from a program, and a portfolio? How many knowledge Areas are there in Project Management. Do you use all in your projects? What are project management methodologies? Which one did you used in your…

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Work Performance Data, Work Performance Information, and Work Performance Reports

If I have to choose one topic which creates maximum buzz in the project management community, I will go with Work performance data and work performance reports. Sometime, the confusion arises while trying to understand WPR and WPI from the PMBOK® Guide Sixth Edition definition. Follow this discussion here - You can follow this discussion here Sometime, the confusion arises while decoding the questions based on WPR and WPI Follow this discussion here By the end of this blog, you…
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checklist PMP

I am experienced, but unemployed. Am I eligible for PMP® Certification?

Leena my friend, started her career as a software engineer and later on promoted as Project Manager. She took off from the job due to personal priority to take care of her kids. At the time of coming back in the industry, things were not so easy for the position where she left. Thankfully, PMP® certification came as a natural choice as a support in her come back. She thought – why not to do worldwide recognised PMP® certificate?  She was…

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Difference between Verification and Validation

Lets see what PMBOK Guide says about Verification and Validation. Verification is the evaluation of whether or not a product, service, or system complies with a regulation, requirement, specification, or imposed condition. It is often an internal process. Validation is the assurance that a product, service, or system meets the needs of the customer and other identified stakeholders. It often involves acceptance and suitability with external customers. These two terms are quite different. Verification is done by project team to…

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Conflict Management

Conflict is a situation which arises when a person or a team is not in agreement with other person or team. In other words, conflict is due to differences in opinion between teams or individuals, and if not resolved in time with the information backed with their common goal, may result in unwanted/unpleasant storm of ego and personality clashes at workplace. Are conflicts beneficial? Yes at times, they are. Conflicts are unavoidable but can be minimized by following ways but…
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