Abhishek Sanadhya


Understanding and Managing SLA (Service Level Agreement)

What Does an SLA really mean in S/w Product Industry? What is the SLA in software, why should we get an SLA and how software development industries can perform better by understanding and managing it? These are some burning issues that every industry wants to have better solutions for making them a trusted brand. But there are lots of challenges to understand and manage its end to end implementation. So, Let’s have a detailed walkthrough of these key aspects step…

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Bug Vs Improvement

Bug Vs Improvement in S/W Product Industry

It is a well-known fact that customer positioning is an essential stand in every industry. Customer is the most critical stakeholder who set the context on Asks or Requirements. What exactly is needed, what are all requirements, what has to be achieved, and so on? Sometimes, in the software industry, it is quite clear that what we have to develop and how the end product should be, but it is not like that easy in the product industry. Any product…

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