Short-Term Agile Coaching Programs

Our short-term coaching programs work on the principle of “Minimum Viable Coaching” where the intention is to improve team’s agility not by giving them a standard “one-fits-all” recipe of success but by engaging team in the process of evaluating their agility, creating a change plan, and making the change happen.By engaging teams in the process and making them responsible for change, we aim to help the teams rise to high level of agile maturity quickly, in turn helping the organization keep the cost of change under control.

We have three distinct short-term coaching programs to address different client needs:

1. Agility Assessment – We help you assess your team’s current capability and understand the challenges and dissatisfactions specific to your operational framework. This is typically a 2 to 5 days of coaching program depending on level of engagement sought.

2. Agility Enhancement – We educate your team on best Agile practices and identify next steps that will facilitate a collaborative and productive team environment that enhances team’s agility. This is expected to be a 2 to 5 days coaching program depending on training needs identified.

3. Monitoring Agility – We track your team’s progress on a regular basis to ensure team is transitioning into a mature Agile team, slowly but surely.Along the lines of our minimum viable coaching principle, our coach’s engagement with the team is usually limited to 1-2 days only per sprint. Offline support may be provided on need basis.

Monitoring Agility

While a combination of these programs may make sense for most organizations, the length of each individual engagement will usually vary depending on customer expectations. You also have an option to opt for just one of these programs if it fits your needs.

If you are interested in exploring our low-cost yet reliable coaching programs, please contact us with your coaching requirements:

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