Corporate Training and Coaching

While most of the IT world has transitioned to Agile software development in past five to ten years – from start-ups to the big IT giants – not all efforts have been successful. In fact, it is very common that teams experience a significant drop in team productivity as well as morale when they transition to agile – often termed as the J-curve. Two common mistakes that organizations make during their transition to Agile are:

  • Thinking that Scrum is the only thing they need to achieve Agility.
  • Thinking that defining new roles and following the Scrum ceremonies will automatically result in a highly productive Scrum team.

With expertise in Project Management, Scrum, Kanban and Extreme Programming (XP) practices, iZenBridge Consultancy offers a comprehensive set of training and coaching options that will help smoothen your transition to Agility.

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