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Feeling lost/overwhelmed in the world of Agile?

Prepare yourself for a role of Scrum-Master

Traditional project management is shrinking fast and Enterprises are going Agile. Scrum is the most used Agile methodology in both product and service projects.

  • Have you been working in a traditional project Management?
  • Has agile became overwhelming and contradictory for you?

This free Scrum master course prepares you for the role of a Scrum master or a member of Scrum team. 

Is this Course Right for you?

This course is designed for

  • Project Managers working in Traditional projects
  • Agile and Scrum Beginners
  • Software Developers and QA

After This Course..

  • You will be able to understand how scrum team functions
  • You will be able to effectively perform the role of Scrum master.
  • Prepare yourself for the interview or new assignment as a Scrum master 

What Will You Get?

  • 14 hours of Video Content on Agile and Scrum Fundamentals including –
  • Agile Values and Principles – Definition of Agile, its values and principles, Agile manifesto, Agile Project delivery framework.
  • Scrum – Scrum Framework Introduction, Empirical process, Roles, Ceremonies and Artefact.
  • Additional Scrum lessons – Agile estimation, Velocity Metrics, Release planning,
  • Pre-recorded webinar on Lean, Pull planning and Kanban.
  • Queries about popular Agile and Scrum certifications like PMI ACP, CSM, CSP etc.

And That’s not all, here are some additional bonuses for you. 

Bonus 1

Five Webinars on User Stories, Agile Estimation, Velocity Metrics, Agile Release Planning and Scrum Roles.

Bonus 2

Webinar on  Lean ,Pull Planning and Kanban.

Bonus 3

Extensive Discussion on Popular Agile Certificates like PMI ACP, CSP, CSM etc.

Bonus 4

Extensive Inteview guide for Scrum Master role and Certificate of completion (Will be emailed to you once you complete this course)

Course Curriculum

Chapter 1: About Program
About Program 00:00:00
Chapter 2: Agile Values and Principles
What is Agile ? 00:28:00
Agile Principles 00:16:00
Agile Project Management Delivery Framework 00:10:00
Quiz – Agile Values and Principles – Agile & Scrum 00:30:00
Chapter 3: Scrum
Empirical Process 00:11:00
Introduction to Scrum 00:12:00
Scrum Roles 00:16:00
Scrum Ceremonies 00:24:00
Scrum Artifacts 00:17:00
Quiz – Agile & Scrum 00:30:00
Chapter 4: On Demand Webinars
Webinar on Essence of Agile 00:50:00
Webinar on User Stories 00:53:00
Webinar on Agile Estimation 01:00:00
Webinar on Velocity Metrics 00:47:00
Webinar on Agile Release Planning 00:49:00
Webinar on Scrum Roles 00:57:00
Part 1 :Webinar on Lean ,Pull Planning and Kanban 00:33:00
Part 2 :Webinar on Lean ,Pull Planning and Kanban 00:25:00
Part 3 :Webinar on Lean ,Pull Planning and Kanban 00:00:00
Discussions on User Stories and Agile Estimation 00:48:00
PMI ACP Agile Doubts and Disucssions 01:00:00
Chapter 5: Doing PMI-ACP
Introduction of PMI ACP Program 00:08:00
PMI-ACP® Certification FAQs 00:13:00
iZenBridge’s PMI-ACP® Prep Product FAQs 00:10:00
FAQs Webinar on PMI-ACP 00:39:00
Chapter 6: What Next?
What Next? 00:04:00
Chapter 7: Apply PDU
Apply PDU 00:00:00
PDU Quiz Agile & Scrum 00:30:00
Chapter 8: Certified Scrum Professional (CSP) Certification FAQs
How to get Certified Scrum Professional (CSP) Certificate 00:04:00
Ways to earn SEUs 00:09:00
How to find SEUs event listed on Scrumalliance.org 00:05:00
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  • 45 Days
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