One most discussed change in PMBoK® Guide fifth Edition is bifurcation of communication management and stakeholder management knowledge Areas (KA) into 2 from 1 (Communication Management) in PMBoK® Guide fourth Edition .In this Blog we shall go through the details of the same. Below are the processes in communication management KA in PMBoK® Guide fourth Edition.

Identify StakeholdersPlan CommunicationDistribute InformationReport Performance
Manage Stakeholder Expectations

If we look at above, there has been quite a bit of triggers which led to separate stakeholder’s management to new KA as well as modifying and enhancing existing communication management processes. What are those?

  • Planning for and managing the communication needs of the project as well as the SH’s needs are two distinct areas and need distinct focus. This is combined here.
  • Overlap in Distribution info and report performance KA’s creates lot of confusion to understand the underlying concepts of project performance analysis and reporting
  • By having both communication and Stakeholder (SH) management collectively, focus on individual area has been deferred a bit
  • No planning and controlling processes specifically for SH management in place. This creates lot of confusion and deviates from importance of SH management on the whole

PMBoK® Guide fifth edition has handled this in a very clear and clean way.

Communication Management

Communication Management

Stake Holder Management

Stake-Holder- Management

So, now we are almost there :). All the major things discussed and elaborated. Isn’t it? However still I have few more to complete this discussion, ITTO rule changes, essence of agile in fifth edition and few more cosmetic changes.